Can we bring back Bloodbath Events

Bring back atlas Bloodbath Events
For the 2019 player happiness and a atlas that will put the Fun in Fair And the Fair (Fear) in all that come to witness the onslaught

Start of event atlas goes red (resemblingNML)

During event you and your team battle for glory!
No limits no alliance just you your team and blood soaked glory.

Glory for ALL…

For example only.

Attack primachs all over the atlas map no where or one is safe!

Every 2k troops (or per troop) killed in battle will gain event points and glory,

Glory earnt is a set % so fair can be fun (:joy:) (Scaled from 75%-85% if target is same level or higher, under attackers level % drops, ie 330 v 430 = 85% 330 v 330 =75% 330 v >230 =30% glory). Just numbers but ya should get the idea of fairness with a chance of FUN.

50% of individual points add up to create team points to rank teams in teir as atlas events do already,
Fighting for event prizes full of goodies current events do not offer, ie 10 atlas chests 20 bullhorns 30 season chests diamonds shards aswell as timers rider mission stars.and a

Bloodbath badge (ooooh, aaaah)

1st-5th place in teir, badges add over atlas season for a bloodpool event to end the season,
Badges are added up to find ya starting teir for bloodpool event, battle for glory throughout the event, end of season prize comes with a bloodpool ranking badge that can be put on a castle to let others know ya glory hunger knows no bounds!

Additional information-

Killing gaurds limited to ‘25’ % of total gaurds, killed in a 24 hour period.(% based on castle level ie t2 10%)

Revive cap adds 50% during event but can only revive so many in a 24 hours period.

100% revive rate limited within 24 hour

Limited 5-10 of 1 team on any castle while attacking

Event only every other week, ie during breed or fort or both starting 24 hours after main event starts.

Wars would be disabled.

  • All numbers are an example only! *
  • Any and all feedback is welcome…*

And if it’s the most ridiculous forum post out or a exact duplicate idea/post then I apologize and thank anyone who gave it the time of day. if this is a duplicate mods please close

This is a half ass attempt from a stoner in nz that would like to see more action without the emails crymail threatmail, mail mail, and a potential to create a player based event of which prizes reflect and reward the ones out for Blood for Glory or just a Sunday drive around atlas randomly trapping and tauntering any and all, for stories to be told to young and old…
For years to come

This is, as stated a half ass idea after a late night and a joint or 2 to create a team event to offset player happiness player fairness, and to have a new event in which the normal state we find ourselves in will be flipped sideways backwards sideout downsideup and the aftermath of blood, while battle tales echo thru the team, league and private chats till the next round of Onslaught!

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A few thoughts:

  • Neutral zones should remain neutral. This prevents smaller teams from being completely destroyed.

  • Glory should absolutely scale, but it should take the level and influence effects on glory and magnify them immensely. Huge points for challenging battles against top teams; no points - or even a loss of points - for attacking targets well below your level.

  • Take away the limits on killing guards/number of teammates on a castle/max revives in a day. If people want to conquer castles during the free-for-all, let them - the only things stopping them now are alliances, costs, and the fear of retribution anyway.

  • Every other week is too often for an all-out bloodbath.


Or do it while castles are bubbled during pvp so it’s just a huge glory hunt without penalty. You can hop all over the map that way and the event doesn’t penalize the teams with easily accessed castles.

Don’t know about the shield dynamics if you can adjust them during that period to allow primarch hits, but not castle guard hits.

Probably best as a 1 day event…


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