Can we bring back the Atlas event for Poacher

Leveling defensive riders was so much easier with that event. Lose troops permaloss but you get hella GP for your riders. Makes it easier than having a crappy rider attached to your dragons hoping the limited power doesn’t get you dropped by a defender.

Just a thought
RoCkStaRStATuS :man_shrugging:



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For those of us who didn’t have Atlas back then, can you explain it?

Beasts that give glory.


Kingpin is was the best!

That would be pretty amazing.

Ok since no one else is going to answer your question, I will. Even though I only experienced one of these events after getting Atlas.

The beasts we hit for shards now used to be called poachers. During this event, you could hit poachers with troops for glory. All troops lost were permalost (no revives) but glory was obtained.

This got scrubbed from the game when Atlas seasons started.


I wouldn’t mind them bringing it back but only if the glory you got only counted towards levelling prims/riders. Killing NPCs shouldn’t reward you with season glory.

It was at least a fun atlas event… atlas events are so boring right now… craft, troops, prims,troops… no action. Very boring and stale.


Pg always get rid of the fun activity’s in the game.

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