Can we change atlas event order?

As we all know the current rotation is as follows
(Week 1 and Week 2) Obviously it’s not really week days and weekend but I’m sure people know what I mean :slight_smile:

   Week Days               Weekend

   Hunt for Glory         Troop Training
   Rider /  Craft         Troop Training

The problem is that Pocket gems typically introduces their patches every 2 weeks on Hunt for Glory.

We typically lose 1 full day of hunt for glory.

Ironically Hunt for Glory is the only event that needs shields down for us to participate in the event. The other two atlas events work fine even with shields up.

So how about we change the rotation?

   Week Days               Weekend

    Troop Training        Hunt for Glory
    Troop Training        Rider / Craft

Where week 1 = main game minor event, breed / fort and where week 2 = main game major event pvp.

With this method the fortnightly patch will only impact troop training which doesn’t matter since we can train troops even with shields up.

If PG changes their patch deployment to the other week then no problem it’s still troop training so we future proof it.

And the minor events are boring- now once we finish breed or fort on day 1 we can immediately work on Hunt for glory and this gives us something to do on minor week, weekends.

I feel like this is a win for players - more time to participate in the only fun atlas event and a win for PG - more weekend engagement on minor event weekends.


I had made a post about this before, but sadly it gained no traction,:pleading_face:
I whole heartedly upvote your post here. I’d like this change


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