Can we finally have Eldritch mythics parents please?

Last breeding, when Eldritch Legendaries were introduced PG said they will give us mythic parents, so that we can plan ahead.

Now, one month later, one breeding event later, still nothing :man_shrugging:t2:

Can we please get that information?


Sorry for my cynical reply: Why would PG do something, that actually would help the players and doesn’t make them money?


If you paid attention to abyssal and empy tiers you’ll easily work out the breeding deck. Good luck.

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Lawson did say during their Eldritch stream that they were releasing that information early this tier for players to make an informed decision. That along with the addition of the first lineage invoker led me to believe that the previous pattern might change. I’ve actually just asked for a yes/no answer to that question but no reply there either.
Of course when do they just change stuff in the game without saying anything, we should be fine…

Earlier doesnt mean 4 weeks after relasing the Legendarys :man_shrugging:

Earlier could mean the Monday before release rather than the usual Tuesday before

Well 3 of the Legendarys can only be breed with Abysal Parents, i guess those 3 will be part of the 3 mytics.

It’s like people just choose to either ignore, or want to be spoonfed.

I can’t tell you directly - so if you really want to know, I’ve shown how you can get the answer. Alternatively you can keep bugging PG :man_shrugging:

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In the end i did same as tiers before, get 4 legendarys and 1 mytic is allways safe :grin: