Can we fix how the event starts for everyone at the SAME time?

I’m aware that it’s supposed to start for everyone at the same time But it doesn’t!
This isn’t a post about protection for the first 30 mins or first hour! I’m all for something like that I just doubt it happens.

That helps someone in a timezone that is sleeping or working. Someone that just cannot be on at that time.

However I have been on for the past 2 hours waiting for the event!
As soon as the event went live everyone is saying events live which is usual.
But a lot of the time you have to exit out & come back in and sometimes you have to do this multiple times. There has been times it’s taken me personally 10 mins or longer to actually get the event loaded.
The same thing for Fort!
It’s a very common thing it happens to tons of ppl!

The problem is when your waiting and waiting online for event fully loaded with food and just because the damn event won’t load your raided multiple times!!

If it would just load I could have leveled one dragon in
2 secs and the rest would have been protected!
But because it doesn’t I lose well over a million food because others got their event up before I could!

Yeah go ahead and say could defend that’s a little hard when getting hit multiple times and other members are trying to protect their RSS too!!

It’s very annoying and it’s just something that shouldn’t ever happen!

Sorry for the long rant…
Kind of pissed off atm!

I get that too! and I hate it. I’ll be waiting for 3 hours because the events won’t start at the same time, and in league chat I’ll see everyone screaming “EVENT IS LIVE” but it won’t be on my game so I’ll have to exit the game and then it crashes three times while loading and by the time I can get back on it’s 10 minutes past when the event started and I’ll have 0 resources left.

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