Can we fix the “search” function?

I love how our MODs repeatedly chastise community members then close topics because the member allegedly did not “search” for an already opened discussion on the topic. Unfortunately, the forum “search” is woefully deficient. So two thoughts for consideration.

First, to PG, please look at ways to improve the forum “search” engine capabilities.

Second, to our MODs, if another discussion has already been opened on a topic, just let the member know this (and include a link) and close the topic. There is no need to assume that the member did not do a prior search then chastise them as such. Because I’m sure for many they did try a search first but didn’t come across the other post.


For what it’s worth, I usually do see links when a topic gets closed. But I do get what you’re saying. I don’t think I have closed anything yet due to this, but I’ll keep it in mind when it inevitably comes up. Thanks :wink:


I think there’s not much PG can do about the search function, it’s provided by Discourse, as it is a Discourse forum. I’ll try to find someone from the Discourse team to tag, to see if they can tell us anything.

Thank you for your feedback, we usually try to find links to discussions about issues but sometimes we forget.
If we include a reminder to search that’s because it’s a useful tool often overlooked by users new and old. I personally find that advanced filter do the trick, but it can be a bit buried in a thread about another subject.
You may not find what you look for through a search, but at least you tried, so that reminder doesn’t apply to you personally :wink:

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Still waiting for
Discourse for Newb by moderators…

@moderators can we have off topic or suggestion tag?

@Vlandr What kind of result do you expect from the search function?

In my case when searching I have to often change the order filter before I get the result I was looking for. By default it shows by relevance, and typically I get better results ordering by latest post.
Maybe a tutorial on how to use search?


I can’t recall if the “Advanced User tutorial” with discobot goes over this or not… It’s been a while since I ran that one…

What I used to do is sometimes adding poster name and the location.


past divine @OrcaFrost #suggestions

Means post containing “past divine”, posted by “OrcaFrost”, in suggestion.

Like Google search, use " to treat it as phrase instead of words.

Generally. forum systems tend to have search systems that are pretty primitive. Often when I’m searching something I get much better results by putting “whatever” into Google…

That’s a very solid advice

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If I recall correctly we had to search for a capybara to feed it grass in the tutorial thread and were introduced to the advanced search, all in the basic user tutorial. Nothing in detail though.

I’ve actually run through the advanced user tutorial twice, but it’s been a while :laughing: maybe I should do it again to refresh myself on what it asks you to do :thinking:

Yeah, discourse’s search needs some help (but why wait for them), and I don’t see the players who need the most help with searching using this but for others (or just general knowledge entirely outside of the scope of the game) -

Google indexes this site, so even for people who don’t know that you can use Google Search advanced functions to limit the search to a specific site, you can still do something like:


For the advanced search, Settings > Advanced Search


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