Can we fix this annoying Glitch

Idk how many people play on a Note device… but mine does this literally 100 times a day and the only way to fix it is to shut down game and restart it?

This could totally be user error but I tried to disable the side bar from the pen and everything and nothing seems to help… it’s been going on a few months but never this frequent…

(Idk who to tag for bugs) :rofl:


You will prob have to click on the picture to see the white side bar on the right.

Its annoying because you constantly have to flip your device because it hides like chat button and stuff :expressionless:

Tap settings and help, then return. Can be faster than restarting. Happens to me if i join a defense (or attack?) while in the event.


I have that too, quite regularly, but my side bar is grey. Have had this for months, probably more than a year… I got used to it and just restart my app :man_shrugging:

Good to know I’m not the only one though, or that it happens more often when you join a run (can’t tell Atk or def either, but probably defence) from the event screen.

I generally avoid joining from the event screen or worse, the gear menu. It can really screw up a run/crash your game…

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Yeah I always get that if I defend someone else. Was extremely annoying until I figured out you can get rid of it by entering the help menu and then exiting it.

Now if we could get a fix for the stupid immortal banners, that far worse since you have to exit to fix it


Add it to the list

Yes!! I get that too!! I thought it was my phone messing up lmao…

Damn we are just infested with bugs… :expressionless:

Do that thing henfron and blaxkfyre suggested… it works and so much faster then restarting app!! Settings, help menu, and back… so glad this was shared!


I still prefer restarting the app, so I can refresh it well. I’ve been using the help menu to “pause” the game countless times, the side bar doesn’t always go away just with this method unfortunately…

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I just bought an LG phone (yucky). It did the same thing, even after restarting. Constantly.
Well a few days ago I was messing around in me settings to adjust for my hearing impairment (deafness). Low and behold I came across the icon bar setting, I set it to hidden clear background. And guess what. That bar mysteriously disappeared! The device gave me instructions to drag it with my finger from right or left side. I chose left(left handed). So now when I need to back space, etc. I simply drag it out! After using it… Poof its gone again. Perhaps your device has the same option? I’ll see if a can screenshot a video clip demonstrating it?

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I’m not sure if your phone has the same options as mine. I use an LG stylo 4 and on the phones settings you can select which apps are allowed to use the scroll bar. I have war dragons blocked so if I want to use the scroll, I have to swipe from the bottom to bring it up. Before oli found this out the scroll bar kept popping up screwing me up every time I logged in.

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My side bar doesn’t appear ingame either, until it makes a glitch… But I’ll check if my phone has the same settings. Worth a shot :man_shrugging:

Not sure if it is different on a Note, not I stopped my s9+ from having that white sidebar. Under Display I have these now. Yes my navigation is constantly down now but I rarely get the bar blocking play of the game now. Just be careful not to hit a button up while flying.

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