🐳 Can we Get a Clam

I want one of these on my base that I can open every 24 hours for some Black Pearl’s PG :grin:

Feel free to put it somewhere out there in the waste of space within the ocean and the whale.
Maybe even give some sort of option to upgrade it to produce more and more as time goes on :thinking:

@Crisis wouldnt it be cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
@Arelyna who we gotta talk to to get this clam a floating in the waters :crazy_face::joy:

@Lx460 this might help some with the pearl famine :crazy_face: if they would give us more then like 50 per day :roll_eyes:


I thought you meant you wanted a clam to replace the whale and leap out of the water. Contemplated this mental image for a while lol


It could do that too :rofl::rofl:
Just when you catch it you get them Pearl’s too :rofl:


Make it in a random spot daily so you need to try and find it.

Also, make the Loch Ness Monster available. And if you find him, he takes about three fifty from your gold.



Would be a cute mini game… maybe you try and find the clam after reset but every time you hit the whale it deducts part of your black Pearl’s that day instead :smiling_imp::crazy_face:


I hate to always be a grumpy Gus but have you seen the bounty harbor? They give us 15 measly embers for checking in all month and they value embers at approximately 1/3 of those. Good luck squeezing 50 out of PG.


How about a hard 30 :crazy_face::joy:
That would be around 900 a month :eyes: might be able to get an upgrade once a year for the seagazer :joy:

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Yes please. Clams (with pearls) would be nice.

Just for added giggles for an X number of flying clams found in a day, player gets an oyster.


Or they’ll make it like rider shard from Beasts.
Small percentage to drop 1 each run, when they need 500 to work. :smirk:


Would even be interesting if you could claim a pearl every hour that increases based on the amount of in game time… this would reward players for their online time as nothing else in the game has done this thus far to my knowledge…

For example.

  1. 1 hour claim - 1 pearl
  2. 2 hour claim - 2 Pearl’s
  3. 3 hour claim - 4 Pearl’s
  4. 4 hour claim - 8 Pearl’s.

If you log off, resets to 1 hour again… could be interesting way of rewarding people for their in game time :crazy_face:.

Although crashes would probably destroy this theory so might be best to just have a claim once every 24 hours for a set amount like your daily egg token bonus.

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A lot of players have great ideas to improve gameplay and fun. If only PG would start listening to the people that pay their wages (we;-)


Man that’s exactly how i feel about changing anything. Ideas are the fruits of success


To be fair, a lot of players also have downright terrible ideas that would ruin the game if PG would implement them. Not saying they can’t do better, but I’m glad they don’t just implement anything people ask for (which no sane business does anyway).

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Unfortunately nothing successful was without a ton of failures


Yep, seen some really stupid suggestion as of late, not mentioning any names though :rofl:

But also see a lot of good suggestions as well that continue to get ignored… most of the time they cant even make it past the forums because people are too quick to shoot them down without even toying with the ideas and trying to make them actually work.

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Clam with pearls would be awesome. Don’t have much in my inventory :joy:


Probably would be one at a time like the bonus blue rider shards.

Honestly we will prob nvr know since this thread has been open a week and 0 response as usual from the employees lol. Go figure :+1:

Here’s the biggest problem to a mini game. PG’s servers can’t keep up with game play as it is. Neither can there internet provider! So it would probably time out before you got the pearls and then blame you for having a slow connection.

Just my $.02 worth.

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Can we get a troll underneath the bridge too? It gives daily trolling missions. They could be things like:

  1. Destroy 5 players on X team.
  2. Kill someone under level 100 five times.
  3. Transfer a player 1 gold.
  4. Join an attack and use Ryuu.
  5. Chunk bellyflop a base.

That would be a great addition to the game.