Can we get another Noelle pls? (Poll for new Dragon)

Hey y’all.
In December we got a nice surprise from PG, the wonderful green tier Legendary Sorcerer Dragon Noelle.
I have flown her so many times I have lost count. And she is so fun, my teammates also agree with me.

So I thought, why not again introduce another Dragon like Noelle? Which could be gotten just by claiming daily bonuses? This will increase daily usage again for teams which don’t have much active status.

So I’m creating two polls. One for the class of Dragon which we want and another for the tier in which it can be gotten. Like Noelle was a sorcerer and it was in green tier.
I’ll be closing the poll after 14 days, but the thread will be open for discussion as usual.

Pls give your suggestion. Let’s see if pg will replicate the dragon combo with the greatest votes.

If the most popular Dragon class voted is hunter, the dragon will be a hunter.
But many may vote for eldritch, some may vote for platinum or so. So if after hunter, the most voted tier is platinum, even if many voted eldritch or so.
So the end product will be platinum hunter, based on that.

So vote for your favourite Dragon combo and let’s see which class and tier gets voted for the most!

Last December Noelle was a Christmas Holiday Season Celebratory Dragon.
Why not this time the Dragon could be a Halloween one?
@PGGalileo @PGLawson whaddaya think? Could you make this happen?

  • Warrior
  • Hunter
  • Sorcerer
  • Invoker
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green (another Noelle?)
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Sapphire
  • Garnet
  • Emerald
  • Obsidian
  • Harbinger
  • Vanguard
  • Empyrean
  • Abyssal
  • Eldritch

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Awesome! Thanks @Daedalus for the first vote!


Five character minimum!

For which one Daedalus?

This would be nice. Noelle is my go-to green assault/temple raid dragon. For a sorcerer, she’s quite strong. Imagine if she could evolve past green.

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I never even hatched Noelle and I am now thinking that I should :eyes:

She is the best green tier dragon so I think you should/ must! Assault she takes everything solo unrunned without rider and maybe unboosted too ( can’t remember). On temple runs she is almost auto pilot :metal:


And I second this idea. Overall the fun in playing is flying different dragons, specially those which are fun/enjoyable. But this happens less often than what at least I would like

Around 90% of lineage dragons don’t fall in this category (my opinion) and when we go for event lines not always it is a dragon or a desired one on top of that (depends on what is in discount most often). That said it’s good to have a different fun dragon to fly, even if it’s only twice per season.

If it’s in the PGs plans please go for it! Regardless of being almost eldritch I quite enjoyed Noelle and it was a good touch towards dedicated players :+1:

Side note: it’s very possible that end game players fly Noelle more often than Brutus and still takes many times more the enjoyment of doing it :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh uh jalen actually i was asking for another Dragon like noelle. Another yearly bonus dragon. Not looking for evolution stones for noelle knowing it wouldn’t happen.
And thanks @EvilNat for your support. Means very much to me.

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Oh. Must have misinterpreted :sweat_smile:

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Go hatch it Em!

I love this idea … though, I don’t think any dragons released should be top tier.

  1. It would take away the prestige of the divines we earn in the season
  2. If it were top tier, it’d probably end up being weak (due to reason #1)
  3. Top tier dragons are better balanced than some of the older tiers. Gold and Plat are frequent complaints of needing all three dragons in raid and assault.

That’s just my 2 cents, but in spirit, I LOVE the idea of another “free” dragon. Noelle is AWESOME at Green tier and makes flying in that tier fun again.

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Thanks man. Again it’s all down to the votes. Some have chosen really high tiers whereas some have chosen mid level tiers too. So in the end, whichever one is highest, I’ll again do a poll if the tier and class with the highest votes should be considered as a potential Noelle alternative of this year.
If they say yes, I’ll pitch the idea to the pg team as a representative of our playerbase.
If they say no, the current poll will again be opened for the players to again vote, but only for a day, after which the highest votes will be counted as final.

I voted Eldritch tier so I’d have something to look forward to and could actually maybe fly it a while. Noelle being green got put in the dragons den immediately.

To be clear, I didn’t consider any kind of balance or anything. I let other people worry about that stuff. :wink:

Noelle went straight to the den for me too, but I fly her every Temple Raid and Assault event (and love her).


Yep we need more dragons like her. Just not too similar in styles.

Yes, one that evolves till platinum please

Umm I’m not talking bout an evolvable Dragon at all @Ancalagon . Like Noelle is green, The Dragon class, say hunter, will be in the tier that is voted most by everyone, say platinum or gold or whatever will be the highest voted tier.

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