Can we get incentive to destroy camping primarch's in NML with 1 troop?

Like if you kill a primarch you get a bonus 300 glory.
I am always looking for people in No Mans Land and find just tons of single troop people there to get shards I am sure. Which is fine if they dont have a castle or something.

But when they park there for like 5 days in a row I constantly find the one troop people. It used to be if your on no mans land you get hit thats why your there. but now its most not worth finding people because more then likely they have 1 troop.

If we got incentive it would help keep No mans land empty.

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I fail to see how this matters. :thinking: I’d much rather they work on more efficient coding for faster load times or fix glitchs.


your comments are valid, but I hate finding the same primarch 4 times in a day. Giving incentive I dont feel would be alot of coding. might be easier if the primarch search option you can specify no mans land.

You missed my main point. Who cares? I get you’re tired of it, but other than your personal annoyance (doesn’t bother me in the slightest), what negative impact do these 1 troop prims create?


Eh. Seems only reasonable that we’d get something for wiping out the enemy. Besides, probably less strain on the servers, and faster map-rendering, because inactive primarchs will be gone.

I actually think if you kill one in NML you should permanently lose 5% of all your troops (not just on your prime) for being an ass. People are out there hitting beasts. I would bet that not one that is under 350 ever lasted in NML for 5 days.

People dont go to NML to get hit anymore because they get screwed on troop recovery when someone way above their level shows up and steamrolls them. If you want to see people out there again, request for the troop recovery to be switched back when in NML

Also you know that they have the primarch finder that shows you how many troops are on a primarch that you pass over, right?

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Quite whining and go kill them.