Can we get rid of the ruby purchase?

I think it’s time we get rid of this ruby purchase option…I mean. My assumption is that no one actually buys these…right? Or is there a secret out there? :eyes:

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It’s needed to say that packs are discounted by 75% (or whatever) :stuck_out_tongue: - common practice in many games.


Ah. So basically like a fake ID to get into the club. I dig it. *whispers “boots n cats n boots n cats n boots n cats”

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Eh, it’s not there to trap newbie into buying them? similar to 1,5k breeding?

Boots n PANTS n boots n PANTS


It is ridiculous to sale rubies like that. If they increased the amount of rubies you get they would find more people buying them.
Make the resources more competitive with the packs and prizes.

At least it can be there for trapping purpose

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Slightly off topic but if we’re talking about purchase options can we bring back buying an elite account with rubies?

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lol not happening. half their income might be based on elite accounts.


As much as we want it, I highly doubt it with pg today. :roll_eyes:

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