Can we have a separate folder for Android devices please?



I think it would be beneficial for Android users to have their own section so they can ask and report existing bugs. It would help the dev narrowing down the bugs

each player can provide a list of Android devices they are using so when a bug appears, the dev can find out what’s wrong with the device


That sounds very reasonable.


You can tag a topic as “Android” (like I just did with yours) and folks can search that way.


Thanks. I’ll start tagging topics regarding Android bugs then :smiley:


I Iike this tagging option. Much better, but it’s going to take some getting used to.


@PGJared can users create tags? If so how? I would like to tag a topic I created with a tag “riders” only android showed as a valid tag and I couldn’t figure out how to create one.


Once you reach a certain “trust” level you can create tags. I think I’m going to leave that only for mods / admins right now because I don’t want to deal with people tagging things “butts” or something and me having to clean it up. If you want a specific tag created let me know and I’ll make it.


Not only tags but also a prefixes can help searching for topics. Either way the search function of Discourse is really good in finding keyword matches so typing in Android should narrow down your results.


As you’ve created ‘Android’ Can you also create,‘iPhone’, ‘Bugs’ and any other useful tags that you can think of.

Maybe create a new Topic for suggestions?


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