Can we have chests drop between events?

Title is fairly self-explanatory. Since the armory has 100% uptime now, can we just have the chest hunt permanently be on? There is no longer any reason for chests to stop dropping between events. Playing on Tuesdays always feels like a waste now.



I was just thinking the same thing literally 1 min ago.

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same thing I was thinking , but even the season page should be all time during the season , the only thing that should go should be the event page . If the season has a countdown why are we counting the time season is inactive during the times of 2 events , so if this makes sense to all please someone tagg the PG responsible for this . Best Regards FOLKS :slight_smile:


@PGCrisis can you bring this up to the correct team in PG responsible for chest page?

Was thinking exactly the same thing

This is a great idea indeed, and should be implemented

I can certainly forward it along to the team. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Crisis!

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Would be frickin nice

Plus one.

And lose out on the amazing 10 ruby drop :scream:

Why not both?

So, small percentage of it dropping either rubies or chests from a monument when it’s destroyed when events aren’t on, but always gives chests (if a chest drop is earned) while events are on?

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I totally agree. Tuesday is one of my weekend days when I actually have time to play. But there is no reason to play on Tuesday. It’s a welcome break from events, to kind of have a day to chill. But would be nice to still be able to treasure hunt. If you can do it the other six days of the week, I don’t see how that would upset the balance to just add the 7th

and egg token too

I must admit I don’t normally bother playing on Tuesdays. And events for me start at roughly 10pm Wednesday night, so I don’t play Wednesdays much either. There’s no reason to as can’t even grind out some chests. So I’m all for keeping chests dropping 24/7. Even more so bowtie chest rates seem to have dropped off.

Best option, make tokens, bronze and chests all drop.

If you had to pick only one, then rubies is better value.

I like this option. Pity that dropping egg tokens was a limited time thing :sob:

Edit: fixed an awful typo

Season down time in armory cost you guys rolling over 18k spring sigils, so it’s not a matter of not doing it, it’s a matter of when. Also, that sync error is still present causing the armory/season page to crash. Perhaps, having the season up 24/7 might fix the loop error?

I like the idea of the treasure hunt on all the time, regardless of down time for events, but aren’t Monday and Tuesdays for wars? Lol…

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