Can we just tone down the graphics, please?


Im not even sure what double sanding is; I don’t have any dragons with sand. But I play on low graphics all the time (with destructible boats/huts enabled so that I still get the little prizes). I find that low + boats works awesome. Much improved performance. I’ve been doing it that way for almost 2 years.


Its when you tap in just the right place and it affects two towers. You can do it with other spells like Fomhars entrap.


oh yeah, I get that all the time with fomhar. Aim for the center tower in most groups of 5 and youll get the front 3 towers all trapped. Thats standard operating procedure when flying foamy.

So you are saying that you CANT get that on your graphics setting? I get it on low graphics just fine.


Entrap has a much larger “hit” radius though. Sand and death gaze have a much smaller one.


DG I can sometimes get 2 towers. Its a lot harder though. Cant do it reliably.


With death gaze there are very specific spots and even then it depends on what the towers are. The wrong towers in the right spots make it much harder if not impossible. (I.E. two lighting towers would be extremely tricky because of how narrow they are.)


PG stepped on something and broke it while implementing something else and either they can’t or won’t fix it :man_shrugging: