Can we look at the real porblem and stop yelling 'Nerf Surt!' Please?


Surt, the bringer of the Norse Apocalypse… at least according to PG that’s how it is. Now, I’ve heard a lot of “Oh my god he’s so OP!” and “Good Job PG, please Nerf him already!” to Surt and how he’s designed. I’ve got a few things I’d like to say and discuss that it’s not ‘Surt’ that’s the problem, but something a little deeper than that.

Surt’s kit is designed to take down the current meta bases and he does it in spectacular fashion. His kit basically kills 1 red mage tower, then gets rage back and fires an AOE 5 tower death gaze blast that will heal him if he has his rage granting aura still activated. This will heal him to full health. Guys and Girls… this is perfectly fine. Why you might ask? Well, let me tell you.

The game’s current meta is 2-3 flaks on an island with a blue and red mage and usually a storm turret somewhere in there. And for islands that lack a blue mage, you can reasonably substitute it with a frost flak, which are very good towers. Now, because there are only 1 red mage on any small island, surt can kill em all basically. So can a well flown Itzani! But… what happens if we throw 2, maybe even 3 red mages on a long island? Now Surt can’t use his aoe killing ability, and without the auto attack damage to heal through the 30% health boost players will shield those towers with when defending that base and all the hammer heal spam that players drop on those towers while surt tries to kill them with his auto attacks, I believe that Surt is gonna fall.

Now I know where this is going and yes, I understand that Surt is gonna be hard to kill with 1-2 less flaks on that island so… now we get to the actual problem at hand with the game and where it is right now.

The REAL problem with the GAME and not Surt as a dragon, is that a lot of dragons are coming up with this ‘elemental resist’ thing, that makes them 2 times as hard to take down from any flak, ice or fire turret, storm and lightning towers damage. BUT… did you know that Flak towers do such Grossly powerful damage that it’s still more beneficial to take a dark flak tower against a dragon that has dark flak resist than a cannon, archer OR Trebuchet tower because of how much sheer damage that tower outputs?

What that means, is that Flak towers do SO MUCH DAMAGE, that It’s almost always better to keep them over archer, trebuchet and cannon turrets because even if the dragon has elemental resist, they will still do more damage than their physical counterparts. SO… Pocket Games… I’d like to let the forum think about that… and now I ask YOU as a developer. “Why are your physical towers so weak that they can’t compete with Flak turrets?”

Surt is not OP. He’s strong, what’s OP is Flaks and the fact that the game is so grossly unbalanced that it’s just a bad idea to build any physical damage towers anymore. So PG… are you gonna nerf Flaks and re-balance dragon health pools? Or are you going to buff Physically damaging towers so that bases can actually look different instead of the consistent 2 flak, 1 storm and 2 mage meta that we’re currently living in?

That… is the real problem, not Surt.


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