Can we seperate the mission star not into a group of 2, 3, 4, 5?


I have no use for 1 star mission prize so I want more options to use them.

I suggest that 5 one star should equal to 1 five star and allow to be used for 5 star mission
Give the star prize out as individual stars instead of group them up. Reward would be 140 individual stars, not 70 two star then allow to use them for missions


I have zero problems with the way that the rider mission tokens are given out currently.
1 star missions have their place if you want to use a rider immediately for a specific mission to keep the timings together and not have to wait around for up to an hour for your current rider element to come along.


are you saying I dont know how to use them? I say they are no use to me so give me more options to use them


I’m giving you options for how to use them.
Not everybody is YOU and is dead set against them, i have riders ranging from 1000 to 13,500 and i like these 1 star mission tokens to line them all up with Timers.

Just because something doesn’t give you specifically maximum benefit doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work well for a lot of other people out there who may be shy on riders, shy on elements they equipped, etc.


And what my suggestion take anything away from them that you are negative about? Doesnt it allows them to get the same reward with less time?


I think it is too much complexity for rider missions. There is already so much stuff to deal with.
I’d imagine they had to recode a bunch of stuff for this very small change that doesn’t really have any large benefits to the main population. I’d rather the code writers focus on other bigger better items.


So you agree it is a positive to a few players?
Like they have been making unnecessary change before, they do it all the time :sweat_smile:


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