Can we speed up breeding?

It literally takes like 20 mins to spend 150k eggs, maybe have an option to breed 5k/10k at the time? I don’t need the animation of all the eggs falling into place, I just want this thing to go faster…


At least it’s faster than having to manually breed every dragon :laughing:


you want to skip it? Assist/defend someone while auto breeding. It will continue breeding until you cannot use 400 egg tokens or until you completed an egg. Only way to stop this aside from that is to do another breeding and then stop it again.

bad thing about this is you don’t know what fragments you are getting so screenshot it before assisting to get updated.


Real? didnt know this, ty for the info will try next time for sure.

Can’t relate, I enjoy watching those fragment numbers tick up. It’s satisfying to me. Though I do agree that as dragons get more expensive, we should have an option for quicker breeding. :t_rex:


This used to cause a rollback glitch, I’d rather watch the screen :joy:

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yeah that too so not really advisable. although the chance of it is low, might not worth the risk.


I shower while I breed :joy::joy::joy:
By the time im finish so was the breeding :see_no_evil:


That’s a good idea. Unfortunately I’m notorious for taking exceptionally long showers so I’m afraid that suggestion is ineffective for me :rofl: :t_rex:

Tap 400 mystic fragments :see_no_evil:


Send me some…

You can go watch it in the incubator… Not sure if it’s real time or not but leave and come back.

And the breeding stops as soon as you get an egg you didn’t already have (or any egg if you’re doing research eggs)

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yeah I mostly do other stuff while breeding. Not rushing on stuff anymore since things tend to happen if you rush things like breeding 20 minutes before the actual event and losing like 50K egg tokens lol (not gaining 50K egg tokens worth of points)

Yeah… Since you can be completely absent, I often start it before I go to bed.

I either run out of tokens or have a new egg by the time I wake up.

Can you exit the game while doing it? :thinking: :t_rex:

No. Lol.

Pretty sure entering atlas messes it up as well… But you can back people in atlas. It’s been a while since I’ve tested it.

If you do the breed while sleep, you have the advantage of appearing online.

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oh god that just reminded me I gotta use 500 next breeding. this will be painful

You need to spend 180k for the last Team Achivement :yum:

haha I actually will get about 20k points by the end of the event, but my team will never get the last team achievement.

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I remember the good ol days, when you had to breed once a few hundred or thousand times. Damn millennials complain about everything.