Can we speed up breeding?


Or 1375 mystic fragments :crazy_face:


:thinking: Even if I had that many, that’s too many :rofl:


With those, I can get Kaiju and Rizar, along with Kulan and Jagra :drooling_face:


Send me some!


Can you start your own attacks too or just click banners?


I think you have to click a banner invite first, but after you exit out of the breeding window by doing one banner you can attack on your own. At least, I think that’s right. It’s been a while since I tried (I like watching the egg fragments appear. I like rooting for one egg in particular and get excited when it pulls ahead of the others in terms of fragment counts :joy:)


Lol me too! :joy: It’s like a little race. Plus I get happy when I get extra eggs for my hut. :t_rex:


That’s just what a mythic harbinger costs sadly.

I’m…soooo…sick of runing xp runs on invader.


It is annoying that autobreed stops every time you get an egg you haven’t hatched, even if that egg is currently incubating. I’m trying to autobreed Yersinu, but every 2k tokens it keeps announcing that I can now hatch stupid Pandi again. Still beats clicking each egg by hand but restarting autobreed 20 times in a row also gets old pretty fast.


Yeah, I absolutely hate it when that happens. Luckily I don’t really run into it anymore on the main account. But it is irritating as all get out on the alt :laughing:


back in my day, we had to click breed for every 20 tokens we wanted to spend. There was none of this magical autobreed you youngens have now…


That’s a big problem in the early levels, once you hit plat the issue kind of goes away,

Hey grannies did you took your pills today?


No, figured I’d go off my meds today… see if it’s any fun


This is probably my imagination but every time I do that I feel I use more egg tokens than usual.


while breeding a Mythic Harb u can shower 4 times in a row and he is still breeding.


Atleast there is no lag between the taps :stuck_out_tongue:


:thinking: There are crashes between the taps, though…


I never crashed inbetween :flushed:
It works like a firework when I spam that button :slight_smile:


Challenge: Breed a 200+k token dragon without using autobreed


An achievement like that probably would earn a platinum trophy if this game was played on a PS4/Xbox One :laughing: