Can we speed up breeding?


I’m not there yet but just thinking about that made my eyes space out. Holy crap. :t_rex:


Even if they would speede it up there would just be a longer time between this event and the next one So why worry about it lol


Once you have joined an attack,you can play the game normally. It will keep running. Not sure if you can enter Atlas though. I think that might stop it. You don’t lose anything, but it stops running in the background.


You’re thinking this post is about something else. Read the title and the OP:


Never happened once to me. But not surprised that is an Android feature.


Oh :joy::rofl::joy: My Bad


That would be great then, I live in a tropical country and its summmer today, might as well dip into the beach for a long period :wink::+1:


I don’t mind the animation on a first breed. It takes time, but worth the wait.

However, back breeding for research eggs should be done with a slider bar.

Select how many green eggs you need, and one click for the lot.


I like this suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:


wait… how? u cant close the tab tho? it stops the autobreed


If you click on a defense or attack banner it doesn’t close the autobreed tab and keeps it running in the background. If you have your games sound effects turned on, you can actually hear it running.


oh wow…did not know.


True and any change to actually speed up the process will cost rubies. We know that for certain.

1k rubies double the speed of spending egg tokens by 50% for 60 seconds.


What no stop giving PG any ideas


yes, you can watch your token balance plummet in between flying missions


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