Can we switch the half off dragon?

I would like if PG would make the 1/2 off branch the base boost line this way we can choose what other lines we would like instead of getting a dragon that we don’t want!!

I wish they would increase the duration of discount for more than 2 weeks, like 4 weeks so we get to open our gold chests in either minor or major events, depending on whether we need tokens, timers, black pearls or Sigils/pvp items.

The Discount would likely not be as high as 50% off, but enticing enough to make us push further for a month. Not around 16-17% of one Mythic cost as it is now, but more likely double that, and applied on the entire season for the discount duration, not just one Dragon. Except Missions boost and temporary branches, probably, as they are not main branches.

I can see myself go wild for such a change, eventually even trying for two Mythics or at least a line or two beyond the first Mythic (the festives are usually fun but I usually can’t afford them AND the Mythic :cry:).

The better you perform during the Discount period, the more you save on the long run, and it delays the boring, frustrating moment when you need to stop spending Sigils and just save up resources :unamused:.

Added bonus that it’s giving more time to gather feedback on dragons and riders, but I can see there would be an issue with seasonal wave releases, as the season should be released fully on Day One to allow people to choose between all main lines, only leaving the festive and temporary branches as “exciting things to look forward to”… Sacrificing suspense and anticipation for more choices?

I think this idea has potential but needs work… I’d be interested in discussing it further, even though it likely will never happen.
Or happen in such a distorted way it would be the ghost of this idea… :persevere:

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