Can we trade Kingdom Wars for Tug of War?


I can’t stand Team Gauntlet, not sure why everybody loves it. Every 3 hours, set your alarm to logon and fight. Don’t be 5 minutes late though, because by then the teams have traded megas and it’s PVE for the next 3 hours if you want to fight.

Both Temple Raid and KW suffer heavily from the fact that you can hit the same base without having to switch. This means finding a single high level, poorly built base and hitting it over…and over…and over. At least there is immediate feedback if other teams think your base sucks smh.

Tug of War is so ruined by Mega coins that if it never comes back it’ll be too soon.


No to tug of war.

Yes to KOTH!



They’re all terrible and all the same, PG need to come up with some new style of PvP because hitting bases over and over again with energy and super attacks and megacoins is getting so mundane. It’s sad when a game relys on spending rather than skill. The new event was a step in the right direction though, having avatars and bringing back old dragons to use was a good idea.


Everything is better than Kingdom wars and tug of war


Bottomline is, every PvP event was destroyed when megacoin got introduced :man_shrugging:t2: Just sayin


How about bringing back the “trial event”, fml, thank god that only happened once. Who the hell would expect you to beat level100+ bases with blue dragons? Only big spenders and high level players could accumulate points, no need to be active if you can’t afford to revive your dragons!


No special attacks too. Only basic attacks.


Absolutely bring back anything to be rid of Kingdom wars. Placement is critical and it’s a tiresome boring frustratin event. KOH or Tug of war were much better planned and even handed


I loved Capture the Flag.


Bleh. KOTH had the same spending issues as the other PvP events, but it gave even more advantage to heavy spenders by letting them buy defense as well as offense. Definite “no” to King of the Hill.

I don’t know why people like Team Gauntlet. The Blackblood bases are incredibly easy, and the PvP islands are just a 3-minute Mega-fest every 3 hours if you’re up against heavy spenders.

Fight Pits is boring and repetitive, but at least you have to hit multiple targets.

Temple Raid is interesting, at least. Maybe needs some tweaking, but it’s got a good balance of strategy, PvP, and PvE, to keep it from getting too repetitive.

Maybe just take Kingdom Wars and balance capital placement, and make targeting more like in Fight Pits, so you have to hit a bunch of different bases instead of the same base over and over. Could even make it so you can turn another hex into your capital, if you hold it for long enough, to allow teams to reposition themselves. Or make it movable once/day to another hex if you can conquer that hex, or something like that.

I’d ask for limits on mega coins, but let’s face it, PG isn’t gonna do that. They’re too big a source of money.


I’d still like to see a team vp bonus for conquering enemy held land in kingdom wars. Bonus scales up the longer the tile has been held by the team etc (no bonus given if retaken within 5 minutes lol)


This is one major reason why people like it. If you have a sorcerer with a semi-immortal or an immortal pet, you can chill and half pay attention to your screen while the dragon autopilots the island except for a couple of key towers that it always seems to miss.

The other reason why people like guantlet is because you can get some seriously good points if you put in the time to beat the entire blackblood island chain before focusing on PVP.


KOTH was more fun. Tiered forts and limiting fort ownership allowed big & litttle fish to swim in separate ponds. No prerequisite to attack a fort, so progress lost overnight didn’t hurt as much and you could attack any fort-holding team. Attacks were a race, but if you stayed close enough to the leaders you still had a chance to snag the fort.

KW so quickly turns into a dreary back and forth grind for boring hexes or worse, mere points, against the same teams, of whom you have little choice.


KOTH was the best. Tug of war was better than fight pits imo because getting coined meant you lost one flag, not the entirety of a round’s work. That and fight pits is only relevant 30 minutes out of 6 hours.

PvPs need to be relevant all 24 hours and not require you to hit the same base over and over. Gauntlet sucks the first few days because of the boring/crappy Blackbloods bases. Making the points awarded higher if you defeat the base using a lower level dragon could make the island chain fun. There was a mini event that had this structure.


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