Can you add extra information for max xp gained?


In the attack screen, player is informed with how much xp he/she will get from an attack. If xp gain from that base is below xp cap of the player, he/she should destroy the base 100 percent in order to gain max xp. But this is not obvious for xp capped bases. You can gain max xp even if you destroy 11 percent of a base.

So, can you add information for xp capped bases, what percent is needed to gain max xp. You can say attack and learn, this is what i am doing now, but it can be improved with extra percent information for max xp for that base in attack screen details.

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This is an interesting idea, one that I would like to see in the game, for sure.

I know it would benefit and even help players in general as most tend not to attack bases because they “look too hard”. It would give an incentive to know that, ok, this Base is a monster, but if I get 70%, I get my max xp, or 50%, or whatever.

It would go a long way to helping players feel a little more confident in taking on harder bases that they otherwise wouldn’t give a second thought to. But those are my thoughts.


Only issue is that mage towers, farms, and lumber mills don’t count towards xp gained. So a flat “you need to kill X% for max xp” would be misleading if players weren’t aware of that fact. Farms and Mills if leveled up propperly contribute a large percentage of the base’s hp.

But otherwise I think this is a great idea.


Didn’t think of that. Good point.


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