Can you adjust hitting on low level players in no man's land?

I know that high level players can gain pretty low amount of glory from hitting on low level players. But they can still hit them right? I am around 200 lvls and got hit by 400s and 500s in nml all the time. Can you add lowest lvl for players to hit a player? For example, you can hit players lower than you by 100 lvls but not 101. This is a suggestion only for nml, not for castles of course. For protection of castles, you should be able to hit anyone near castles, even if in nml, if nml is adjacent to your castle.

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You get the same amount of glory whether a 500 or a 100 hits you

I put a bronze trapper in nml and got hit by 2 star silver siegers and i can only kill the troops in 1/10 ratio and really bad glory. People around my lvl dont have 2 star silver siegers.

The problem here is that if a team of level 500s is attacking the defending team could easily abuse this system by placing a few level 300-400s to defend a castle with no losses


my suggestion is only for “No Man Land”, not for castles

Don’t like it don’t go to nml and actually work for the glory?

That’s just stupid to put it nicely, let’s take a level 610, that means they can’t hit a 509? They’re both end tier dragons and end tier towers (just total number of towers vary)


If you are 610 lvl, you can still hit any castle you want but not 509 lvl in nml. I dont think this is stupid.

Why do you think there is no new players in this game? You have very little chance in atlas if you are new player and a low level.


So you should stop higher levels playing because it doesn’t revolve around what you want?

You know you’re like 2% glory for me and I’m only 520 right? If you’re getting hit then it’s not because we wanted to- maybe you was on nml right outside a reactive team mid dealing with snipers and they thought you was about to move on or something either way the reasoning why there is little new players is more player entitlism-the economy-sandbagging to a degree too and many other reasons not someone hit you so you must cry about it


I’ve seen a lot of people hit prims not for glory but just to get their kill count up


I’ve not seen that so I can’t comment tbf, what I can say is the only time I’ll hit anything other than 80%+ (normally 500+ lvl) is if I have to in order to get to a specific castle (say that team not letting you wait out the 2 minute delay) or defence of an ally

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You are absolutely right. There is a quest to kill 12k troops in a week. You can kill anyone to complete this quest even if you get 2% glory

Even in NML your suggestion is a problem. Imagine using your trapper outside a battle to trap people coming in. With your rule they couldn’t hit you and free themselves. They’d have to have a rule that the two levels couldn’t interact at all to make it reasonable, and only in NML.

While I think the glory setup has lots of issues, in today’s open world and frankly in any world WD is likely to ever see, small and large players will interact. And some large players will crush you for jerky reasons.

I don’t think occasionally getting crushed in NML would not be an issue or as big an issue if we didn’t have the terrible starting vs advanced primarch ratios, the difficulty or cost of bootstrapping to a decent primarch tier, and the difficulty of finding appropriate targets outside Aligane to get glory.

edit: idk if people do things for the quests, as the prizes are very low value. however people may not have noticed this, and people might kill for leaderboard position or to achieve team or alliance kill targets or just to get dead troops for training. or, as always, just because they can.


You can hit anyone adjacent to your castle is also included in my suggestion

What he is saying is that a 509 and a 609 are the same.

Both players have end tier dragons.
Both players have max level towers.

The only difference is that the 509 will have 10 max level towers and the 609 will have 30+ max level towers.

If you have end tier dragons you can take max level towers it doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 30 of them.

I think the best fix for you is to find a glory swap partner so that you can both get good glory. If interested I can suggest a few line group channels.


I understand the OP and I personally think the glory bands are a bit too loose on the player level side. At the same time, what others have said regarding the strategy of putting a low level taunter to deter higher level players is pretty annoying and would be made worse by tightening glory bands.

Personally I think it would be nice to make taunters worth 100% glory on the player side (ie. if you only get 50% glory from the castle then you should get 50% glory from attacking any taunter wether it’s a level 500 or level 100). Trappers should do the same when using the trap ability. It’s super annoying going to a castle to hit a juicy level 500 player and some 200 noob/alt traps me so I get 0 glory or wait to be attacked and get almost 0 glory. Good strategy for sure, but doesn’t seem like how a war game should be in my opinion. Both of these functions could be applied to allow for a tighter glory band on both castles and in nml.



  • Have a lv 25 with loaded prim
  • Hits a lv 300 (can’t be hit back)
  • Ask a lv 400 to assist the run.
  • One sided wins.

Missed that. Nonetheless I maintain that what you suggest would be a kludge to eliminate a minor irritation in a system that has much larger problems. In your example they’re not rewarded for hitting you. Spending troops for no glory and no good reason is the disincentive, and that would work not completely but for the most part if we weren’t in a messed up system.

You are right, my suggestion is invalid in this case. Thanks.


This was reported? My point still stands

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