Can you change secondary effect of mythic dark flak resist rune of spindra?


If you are not familiar with Spindra, it has following skills: enfeeble, northern lights, sacrifice and dark flak resist. From the main season branch line, i obtained a mythic dark flak resist rune, but secondary effect of this rune is increasing duration of invincibility which is irrelevant to spindra. It is totally useless. There is actually nearly no runes and glyphs that fits spindra except dark flak resist rage and wisdom runes.

Can you change the secondary effect of mythic dark flak resist rune of spindra into something useful for this divine?

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Good luck, it won’t happen. Secondary spells on runes hardly match your Dragon, even if it’s the Divine in the seasonal lines, it was already the case last year, and all seasons so far, it won’t change anytime soon. Besides the secondary spell is not useless, you can benefit from the rune if you ever equip Invincibility on your Spindra one day.
Sorry for being the bringer of bad news…:pensive:

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If you can plz add some more thoughts to my thread as well!


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