Can you create a battle log for Crystal Caves?

As this event is quite new and has the good option to have a round against each one in our league plus an extra round of purely pve, is it possible to have a Battle Log where we can see our previous rounds and results and which other rounds will be?
At least one can organize a strategic plan…


Why would this be necessary though?

What “strategy” can you make with this information?

In order to know who you’ll have left and Pve. Just to know if it went over during night so you have been penalized or not.

Dont stop there, battle log to show who’s hit too, so you can see who’d still be fresh for multis.

In this case I’d agree with a battle log to show who is hitting the unmarked crystal and “wasting” their resources when an officer has marked crystals to fit a strategy.

Even a working online indicator would go a long way to helping know if it’s worth fighting the other team over a crystal

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