Can you explain this?


Hey, Was just checking around the global ranks in breeding event that just ended up and was shocked to see the Global Rank 1 place holder, So can anyone explain how much someone can spend that much tokens at that level :man_shrugging:t2: i mean there’s not even much of research to do !




Agree. Also she has moonfang which means she’s finished all 3 lines at that level. Impossible. This isn’t just an isolated issue with this event. She’s obviously had something going on for the whole season.

Now, maybe she’s some billionaire and she’s throwing money at this. But that base level tells me something is up.


Looks fishy. Our team is going through the leaderboards currently, so we’ll take a close look.


all time score 242k… thats a purchased character. money can get you anything


Judging by the fact that she’s still there, looks like it’s legit :man_shrugging:t3:


Not possible. You have to be higher level than that to uncap incubator, castle etc. You couldnt spend that much by breeding the first handful of tiers bc theyre so cheap. Quite worrisome if they remain at the top @PGJared. Guess its too late now though, team prizes are already distributed.


Something this blatant needs to be addressed much quicker. There is no need for researching this


She could have just kept breeding to keep getting points. She may have several million orange eggs… Who knows!


Lol sure. It’s a little sad that nearly ever single minor event has a cheater at the top.


Even so she needs to have breed at least one dragon from each teir to use the evolution stones to get to obsidian.


Why wouod she have to use stones? She could have easily just bought a ton of packs and hatched the orange tiers of these seasonal devines. Not hard at all.


We’re currently investigating this player’s account. If any adjustments are made, we’ll let those that placed in the Global Leaderboard know and credit them the difference in their global prizes. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to PM me directly. :):grinning:


I have put it on my todo list to look at the logs for this account and figure out if/how they did it… and in the future make it impossible.


I do admire the work being done. I never post but read often. I especially think campus lifer does an amazing job and really explains in depth what’s going on and what’s being done. What I can’t resolve though is almost every minor event is initially won by a clear cheater. Fixing it after the fact is ok I guess, but it sends a really difficult message to see it every time.


Ok yeah its theoretically possible that its legit. That would mean someone spent tons of money to use millions of tokens breeding red and purple research eggs just to see their lvl 37 acct at the top of the board. I think its safe to assume that nobody would do this, and thanks admins for looking into it further :ok_hand:t2:


…also, to almost double the 2nd place score while gaining useless research eggs in the process, it really is hard to believe.


Thanks all admins for looking into this matter.


It is also possible that her dragons are all low-level. Maybe she just got her dragons up to breedable levels.


There is no possible way it’s legitimate