Can you fix the false level increase from perches?

I’ll caveat this post by saying I know this is 100% on me - I should’ve researched more before migrating to a long kill island (KI).

As above, this fort I migrated from a short KI to a long one with 5 maxed towers for my level.

Stupidly, I spent a ton of rubies moving all my runes to the new monuments before realising that I’d lost a load of power from my perch on the Short KI.

So, I spent a lot of resources building up the next perch (rather than using more rubies to move everything back - why didn’t I just do that?!)…but today I find out I could’ve left both perches at a really low level all along and just swapped the rider onto a lower tier dragon onto the new perch for a good impact.

Clearly I’m kicking myself because I usually research things like this to the nth degree before taking action (IVF drugs are currently scrambling my brain :see_no_evil:) but is there anything I can do to claw back at least some of that unworthy XP created from levelling up the perches through merging towers and the like?

Thanks in advance.

Edited for clarity:

I don’t mean merge perches - I know you can’t do that! - I just wondered if merge (as in merging other towers) could be used as a function to claw back some of the wasted XP…

Use merge to burn up XP if you want to keep your level lower.

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No, there is currently no way to merge/transform perches, so you cannot claw back the XP.


Agree with @flumpie here.
As there’s no way to use perch as merging material, merging towers just for the sake of lowering xp is just wasting resources, especially for those wanting to reach new tiers.

little correction


Thanks all.

Sorry, I should have been clearer on the merge question.

I don’t mean merge perches - I know you can’t do that! - I just wondered if merge (as in merging other towers) could be used as a function to claw back some of the wasted XP…

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Perfect, so it could work in the longer term?

It could, but I would NOT RECOMMEND IT(if you do a lot of it). Just keep building your base and eventually it won’t be as big of a deal.


Unless your level is significantly higher than the level, required to level top dragons to the expert (497 now), I wouldn’t recommend to play with merge to drop XP. By doing that you will just throw out timers and resources. So, if you have upped the perch already - just leave it and focus on towers on long island.

Short island has it benefits - you have perch as 6th tower, while for the long it could be used as an anchor. On the other hand, sooner or later (somewhere at 535 or so) you will have about 15 top towers, so perch will again become 6th tower on the 2nd short island. Also, long middle is harder to kill than short one, so in the long run it will all be beneficial.


Don’t do it… just don’t. Too many people do it wrong and end up screwing themselves over really badly for a long time. As someone already said, don’t dig yourself an xp hole unless you’re well over the max cap for dragons.


All the above comments I also agree… there was a time when it was crucial to not over level. I do not believe this is the case, egg grind to get breeding up to speed, use the fort planner to help with points even store towers for later but merging xp hole is very big for most players.
Rationale now, people are going to kill my base, I can’t stop that. I can make it less appealing and require more dragons (wars and atlas good) but generally it will fail. I want stronger dragons and den caps are a real thing, embrace the speed of levelling as it plateaus Later.