Can you get banned for building during pvp event?

Hello! I just started playing and it happened to be right when the pvp event started. I am leveling up and building my base but was told that doing so can get me banned when there is a pvp event. Is this true?

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You’ll be fine, don’t worry.

What’s frowned upon and potentially a cause for a ban is re-arranging your whole base for an enemy team to get a speed advantage, and it’s only really a thing during temple and maybe pits.


I don’t know who told you that but you won’t get banned for building.

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Now, your team might kick you though…

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Tbh, if his team is giving wrong advice from the onset, its probably better for him to get kicked and find a new team that will lead him on the right path lol


Oh no no. My team is amazing and very helpful. I just wanted to clear something up. The response the first person left seems to be the answer.

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Yes it is the right answer. I was just trolling more than anything.

But on a serious note. Welcome to the game and if you have any questions then forums is a great place to find answers, hints and tips. Its mostly a great community.

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Does “Re-arranging” include changing the kill zone from island 4 & 5 to island 1 & 2?
I thought player would be banned when all the towers are stored.

If you have no perch on 1/2 it’s possible I guess. The main issue was storing towers and intentionally making your base wayyyy weaker and easier to beat

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