Can you get rider shards after that season finishes?

I know that when the season is over you can’t get any of the dragons or evolution stones from that seasons but is it the same with rider shards? This is only my second season so I don’t really know much about season prizes etc.

Atlas riders yes, main game (season) riders, no.

In atlas you can get them in future seasons OR blue and red shards can be farmed from beasts. And red shards are rewarded for some events.

The only way to get purple rider shards is in the current or future atlas seasons

Main game riders you can never get missing rider shards.


Ok thanks.

Has there been any hints at using blue rider shards as rewards in the future? I invested heavily into getting 200+ blue shards & I haven’t seen another since they were discontinued in the season prizes. If I’d have known they were going to change the color, I would have went for the gear :unamused:

PG seems dead set on their changes regardless of player feedback. The answer is probably “no.” Of course this is an educated guess based on the number of time people have said “you’re screwing us” and they said “:man_shrugging:t2:

Not discontinued, but you have to choose…


ahh…I didn’t see it because it’s gated behind all the gear & I barely get the gloves :joy:

Thanks for the info!!

Lines which have purple rider shards are multiple choice and you can claim blue shards instead. Not sure it wouldn’t be better to get the purple shards instead. And these lines are currently gated behind finishing two lines, making them pretty annoying to get for anyone who only partially completed shards.

Otherwise you only have a rare drop on beasts.

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