Can you Handle the Heat of the New Harbinger Dragons?



Cooldown were added to both the Southern Cross (dark) and Galvanic Overload spells.

Will this change for ALL existing spells as well?


Thank you that is a good start, but does a blog post make a good reference in the future? If a new player joins in two months, six months, etc. will they be able to easily find that information?


Well I would hope so…

Wouldn’t make much sense the other way especially if both casts had a 4 sec cool down he would be completely useless.

It would have to be first cast, then immediately again if not destroyed and then can use again to regain rage and then 4 sec cool down after 2nd cast


AMAZING artwork!

They look gorgeous!


I went as far back a November of 2017 (furtherst I have easy access to).

GO has had a “cooldown” since at least that time. Obviously, it has not been working in the same fashion as most spell cooldowns.

The only variation of Southern Cross that appears to have a cool down, as recently as 4-25-18 is Summer’s Purification. Prior to Summer’s Purification, Southern Cross did not even have a cooldown variable.

So, I am not sure if these are changes or if these are going to be different spells or if something else explains the information in the announcement.


@PGCrisis can we get some clarification on the CDs pls?

Is GO’s CD just a misunderstanding and it’s 4 seconds if you don’t spam the spell with health loss which can be handled with healing mark or is the spell only available every 4 seconds which wouldn’t be the same dragon as tested.

For SC same pls. Should be also a spam spell


I’ve updated it :smiley:


Hey all,

@TheRedDelilah has also been bringing these questions to me as well, so I’m working on getting full confirmation from the team. Thank you to everyone who’s asked so far so I can provide the most accurate info to you!

Galvanic Overload: This spell does NOT have a cool down. I’ve just clarified the description for a more accurate understanding of how the spell functions:

“Upon activation, spell deals between 110% and 200% of your dragon’s Base HP to a tower. If this destroys the tower, a second cast pops up that allows 1 bar of Rage to be regained at a cost of 10% of your dragons Base HP. The second cast is available within 4 seconds of the first.”

Southern Cross (Dark): This spell does NOT have a cool down. I edited the spell description above to reflect that.

Apologies for the confusion on these spell descriptions. Please do let me know if you see others that you’d like clarification on!


Southern Cross does technically have a very small aftercast effect, though, probably to prevent it from bugging out. It’s definitely noticeable but better than fizzling and dealing no damage.


I’m happy that lokan is a parent to the mythic, saves me a solid 2 months of token grinding


Another quick update: The Soul Devour spell does NOT have a cool down (previously stated as 2 seconds).




Anxiously waiting for red to update :heart_eyes:


The info needs to be out first :stuck_out_tongue: too early atm.


Garcula has it , check and see.


I just hope that no stray expert harb dragons fly through my base during war, or rss event :sweat_smile:


Haha I had someone with Harbingers hitting me daily-ish during a fortification event. They were like level 300 so they couldn’t take much from me, but it was still a little bothersome. I did enjoy seeing those high-tier dragons though. Maybe that player will come back to me someday :rofl: :t_rex:


Our teammate had two level 450s roll through his base the other day in a row. He is level 217 I think. :neutral_face:


Is it just me or does this change sound like a really overpowered and mindless spamming of a zero cooldown skill to permanently regain health and rage in an endless circle without requiring much timing or skill?

Seems like it’s going to fit very well next to Destar :thinking: