Can you Handle the Heat of the New Harbinger Dragons?


same as Blood Fury from Destar… so yeah, without Blue mages your base will be f****
Question is: Destar as a warrior can take quiet a beating. How fast will the Hunter die?


True, almost forgot…

Both have insane healing spells.
Hunters have approximately 27% less HP but can mitigate damage easier, Keth has Cloak, Adaptive Resist and can obtain other protective spells through Leech Essence.

Destar has spell flux which helps a lot, Keth will be dependend on additional damage from Leech Essence and thus might require a little more planning but we will see. Or maybe the regular attack and burst damage will be so insanely strong that you only need to keep healing and firing and they have a reason to bring lvl65 towers :smiley:


:man_shrugging: :t_rex:


Pretty much my sentiment right there :rofl:


When they will appear in harbinger tier in breeding castle ?


These will be my aim for 2020 :heart_eyes:


Then for me further some years lol


Warriors are not supposed to be flown with skill. They are tanks. What possible skill can a warrior possess besides bum rushing a base until it dies.


Seeing a skarr triple/quadruple flux a Long Island was pretty cool to see :man_shrugging:t3:


Haha So it’s not a lonely boat :joy:


Hitting 2 towers at once continually until they die. That’s hard… Still haven’t mastered it yet.


@PGCrisis i know i asked earlier and i hate reposting but i know A LOT of people are hoping for this information before event starts… its not like it is some huge secret is it?


Cant wait to get them in 2 years ! Yay!


The original contains some errors. I fixed it below;

A new wave of Harbinger Tier Whale Toys are descending this week! These expensive beasts wont work with any of the runes you currently have, and they’re ready to beat any base until next Fort when the level 65 towers come out. Which Whale Toy will you buy, spend weeks leveling, and replace as soon as the next tier is released? If you have more money than God, then the Harbinger Whale Toys are ready for you.


Dragon Manager was updated with the latest Harbingers and all backbreeds! :wink:


Give the link to breeding?