Can you have the same level rune and glyph on a building and have it activate?

thiers no problem like with dragons and stacking is thier. I have a fire flak frenzy glyph thats legendry and the rune. the rune is already on a building. and i wanna put the glyph on the same one but i figured id see if they stack or not or if their was issues witth that like with the dragons if their the same level and type of rune/glyph.

if somone could lmk thanks.

Correct. If the game lets you put it on, the stack. Basic rule is that you cannot put two identical ones on a single tower/dragon.

Rune vs glyph = good
Different rarity = good
Different secondary ability = good.

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it has identical abilities but one is a rune while the other is a glyph. would that = bad then?

Rune vs glyph = good

its the fire flak frenzy rune/glyph
increases fire flak attack speed
and increases red mage super shot

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