Can you just sell the game, PG -or is there still hope?

Members of the forum are rightfully suggesting to post subjects with a solution and not just a problem.
I thought about this long and hard, and unfortunately I don’t see the game any better.

The problem:
The trend of the past two years proves your goal is not to make this game better, it is to make more money.
I’ve been a player for 3.5 years and un/fortunately have a good idea of what this game was before and what it is now. I think we can collectively agree that during the transition period when PG bought out the game and you were still rolling out the projects and changes the previous company had in place, the game was absolutely effing awesome. But since then, once PG really took over, you’ve lost thousand of loyal players and you are about to lose more (every time you bring out a new tier of dragons and higher towers this happens). No matter how loud our voices are, your “internal logic” from “managers” of your team show a total disconnect. I’ve been watching closely…this has not changed and I doubt will ever change. You just don’t get it, PG. I am sorry, you just don’t. Whatever you vision is doesn’t seem to be the vision of those who play your game. The amount of bugs, lags, voids is simply astonishing. Quiet frankly I am surprised you are still in business. Of course you do some things great, but right after you negate it with some BS that completely slaps us in the face. Unfortunately those good things do not make up the majority of the game anymore. I hope you had a chance read one of the topics posted not long ago, where players voted the game 8 or 9 out of 10 about 2 years or more ago, and currently they/we have it at 3/4 out of 10 rating. I’d be terrified if I were PG!

1.) Here is the thing - just like in any bussiness, if you want to be “leaders” get out there with your customers, spend every day with them and use the product as they do. This key component from those who make actual decisions is lacking and that’s why you are failing at this. I am not talking about people who run a Youtube channel and show their faces at the start of the season, as they do not make decisions (no offense). I mean YOU who leads a team of employees and sits with the CFO or CEO every week. Get your butt in the game and level up to 300. Then hold a meeting again and tell your decision making colleagues what you see!

2.) Please do the same thing Apple did this year with iOS 12. iOS 12 is basicly a polished reworked iOS 11. There is not a lot of new features at all, it is just a better previous version. A polished experience that in its FIRST BETA RELEASE, beats the current end product that has been out for a year. Just stop with the bullshit, stop making new stuff and really look at the game. Tweak your glitches, fix your issues and once the game is up and running as it is supposed to, WE WILL HELP YOU. We will tell everyone we know to join this great game. It’s proven by a trillion dollar company and it will work for you too. Make what you have NOW better. Then, add new things. Slow the eff down!

3.) Yes, its bordeline but also might be our last resort. You are KILLING this game. Every single month it gets worse. Obviously, you are not “getting it”. You are a train rolling faster and faster towards a turn that will derail you, meanwhile your passengers are jumping out of wagons before its too late. If you can’t make any changes, consider selling the game. Give a chance to someone else. Perhaps the transition might be difficult but at least we get some hope. Now, even hope is gone…

I am just sad to see what War Dragons has become. This could have easily been a benchmark game. You have/had the potential to be GTA V, instead you are just another Destiny 2 like title. Sell the game, please.

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What he said :point_up:

I 100% Agree what you said, if Pg actually listen to the forum this game will be awesome,but the truth is they don’t. We give them great ideas but they don’t care, if it doesn’t evolve money they don’t care.

Are you saying what I think you’re saying?

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