Candy cane 24 hrs

Hi guys. Why can‘t we simply get one cane per day, like, timer resetting at midnight for everyone?


I noticed that also.

Because that would make sense, and wouldn’t force people to obsessively log in at the same time every day or risk losing out. And we couldn’t have that. :roll_eyes:


Atleast they could have made it 20hrs like the token mission. Or 23. Some way to catch up. Right now if you miss the time it gets pushed back for the all the remaining days and there is nothing you can do about it.

I understand it is free gift and all… but all month long right on the dot is a tall order.


I have to agree. The other free portraits or something was on a regular schedule and I would still miss an occasional grab. As it is right now, I’m bout to have to set my alarm to 2 am in order to retrieve my candy cane. All due to my work schedule is where my timing got messed up. It should be like reset all across the board and not have to set a timer to get them.


Again…PG does not value our time. Just our money or so it seems :man_shrugging:t3:

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Have to disagree here. They value dearly our time, so much they wanna kill it :pensive:

Agree 100% if their goal was for people to log in every day there was no need to mess with the timer whatsoever. Means you have to log in right on the dot of the 24 hour reset or you start falling behind.


This was already brought up in the official discussion post.

@moderators Can this thread get linked to the official discussion? Already talking about the shifting clock there.

And what about the ELITE DOUBLE bonus at BOunty harboR?

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That was addressed already. I believe in the announcement post.

Yawn, would it be easier if you could just phone it in and get it every day yeah sure. If you’re an active player you’re only likely to miss 1-2 canes.

You have a potential to get a lot of them. Most will get a few less the really casual players won’t get many/any of the bonus gold chests…

You’re being given for a little effort the equivalent of a £50 pack… why are you complaining that you might miss a couple of prizes.

I’d say most casual players will finish the line which is 15 gold chests 12 energy packs, 15 IF and 2k egg tokens.

Your actives get maybe another 5 canes getting 20 more gold chests. Super actives I think can max out with a total of 47 gold chests. If it’s worth your effort do it. If not don’t stress that you’re not getting the absolute maximum out of it.

I’m not complaining about missing a couple prizes. I am quite active and will be one of the ones who will collect most all of them. It’s a pain in the arse to have chase down something when it’s supposed to be a free and fun.

The time clock should have never been changed to begin with.

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Closing because there are already discussions about the issue with a 24 hour timer cooldown for the bounty harbor over in the official discussion thread, which can be found here: