Cannot access game

Hello! :wave:.

I am very worried for my team mate that has not been able to log in for today in the game w the following messageā€¦ is anyone else having the same problem? I asked him to send a email to customer service from browser, since he cannot even log in game

Iā€™ve had that when I was playing my game on gpad 3 long ago.

Purchasing a new device was the only solution for me. :man_facepalming:t2:

Wow and just happened out of nowhere? :flushed: my team mate has been playing in th device for a while

I have just been locked out of the game, 3 minutes after buying a conqueror pack. Iā€™ve deleted and reinstalled, rebooted my device. Still cannot get in. Several of my teammates have had this issue. Please help! @PGJared @PGKharnyx

Please reach out to support and submit a ticket. Our team will be happy to investigate and help resolve things.

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