Cannot claim PRIZES & RANKS


After new event page interface was implemented, i can’t claim my PRIZES & RANKS rewards. I had restarted the game, updated it an still couldn’t claim them. I tap the

box,but nothing happened.only those 3 box that i couldn’t access others just fine


not the only one, Got the same issue myself


The same here. What’s wrong? No scrolling help, just this page doesn’t work at all. Annoying


Even uninstall + reinstall-ing the apps didn’t help at all. My version 4.50.0+gn
Summoning @PGCrisis to response the issue


This was mentioned in another post:


It is said like this in game

Yet i still can’t claim them
After the update 4.60.0+gn it become like this
N yet i still can’t claim them like this


Try tapping either Points Achievements or Team Achievements
and post Screenshot…


I did it multiple times so i can’t remember how many times i had tapped ‘points achievements’ or ‘teams achievements’ or ‘point ranks’ box and nothing happened. ‘My tapped’ send me nowhere.


Since you’ve tagged PGCrisis, try submit a ticket and post the number here.


I have the same issue. Have 9 items I cannot claim. Did a reboot and a new update. Was a waste of time also the bug fix did nothing. I am playing on a new Samsung Galaxy tab A .


Still can’t collect anything from ranks and prizes only from the armoury. Eill a new bug fix be out in time for me to collect by event end?


For now,let’s wait


Same for me. Send issue to support but no response yet.


Me too.

I just want to reinstall and update Android OS.

I’m not getting event compensation. ㅜㅜ


I’m done with just normal update.i did uninstall-ing then reinstall-ing but nothing happened.everything was just tge same,still can’t claim them

Updated news…
I can claim my prizes just now


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