Cannot defend, no banners

There are no banners when I’m attacked, teammates don’t see them and I don’t either

Only one explanation…Ninjas.


I can’t defend and I have banners. Mine is back to very bad lag

Alien Ninjas most likely, from another timeline in an alternate universe that is parallel with ours :thinking:.

It happens.

In all seriousness though any time i have ever experienced invisible banners but phone buzzed from one, solution was a simple reboot. If that doesnt work uninstall then install maybe

Are they not showing up at all? Or are they vibing but disappearing very quickly? Bc I’ve been experiencing the latter.

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No banners at all

If you turn on the vibrate option for all banners, does it vibrate?

If yes, fully quit game, clear cache, reboot, and launch game.

That almost always fixes this error.

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Tried that, nothing

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No vibration, or quitting and clearing didn’t work?

If the first, then your client is not receiving the requests. I would create a ticket, but also do a clean install, since they will ask if you have/tell you to do it.

If the latter, you may need to wipe and reinstall–clear data, not just uninstall app.

You can (and probably should) make a ticket, but they will tell you to do what I have just said.

EDIT: A clean install will end up using over 1.5 GB of data, so be sure you are on WiFi or have an unlimited plan.

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There’s a pack you can buy is the store so that bases you attack can’t defend. Nothing you can do about it.

Flagged? Ouch. Is there a nerf button for sarcasm and jokes? C’mon we co use a little more humor in here…


Tried all that

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This is also same issue with screenshots

One thing that saved several people I know - leave your team and get reinvited.
Should work.

Does it show you replays and or who’s attacked you at least? If the answer is no, :thinking: that would equal no revenge farming? :smiling_imp::kissing_heart:

Yes it shows replays and who attacked after the attack is over but no banners before

@PG, thanks guys just got taken in war, no banners for anyone to defend

You better try what I recomended, my friends waited for weeks with this problem. But just a reentering your guild can save you.

Which team did you guys go up against?

Japaneeeze declared right after my post