Cannot defend, no banners


And as I said I have logged out, cleared cache, deleted game, rebooted, reload game , log in etc, yada, yada


I know, all this does not help. I tell you - exit your team and get reinvited. Just leave and get back.
I am telling you for the 3rd and last time…


Do not do this. Do not leave your team. Log a ticket. IF pg says to do it then do it. Otherwise you may lose your event rewards and cost your team a war. Log a ticket


Yep, log a ticket and wait. But try what I said after the event then. Could help you much faster.
And if it would work - post here, so people would know


Nope not doing that



@pgEcho, @PGJared , @PG


Every time you reply there your tiket goes back in queue, so just wait for Support to reply.
Or, just re-enter your team after the event :roll_eyes:


I’m starting to think there should be a line added to the auto generated response that states any additional replies to the ticket before an agent gets back to you will push your ticket to the end of the ticket queue :woman_facepalming:

@PGJared @Arelyna Maybe you guys could add something like this so people don’t get so frustrated when they don’t get a response right away? Then again, they’d actually have to read the message.


@PGPulse, @PGCoffee, @PGReive


PGJared, Arelyna, and PGCrisis are probably your best bets for getting a response.

Maybe a PM to one of them with the ticket number.

The three you have tagged will likely not respond on the forums, but that does not mean they do not see it and are not looking into it.

Based on what you have said so far, and I know it does not help with the already completed war, your fastest resolution will probably be to leave your team and immediately rejoin. If you do not wish to do this, you may have to wait a while. :man_shrugging:

ZenDesk does not have all the answers, and there are some things they cannot do anything about.


@PGJared can you help


This is probobaly the most blatant example of ignoring players issues I have ever seen



Are you literally seeing no banners of any kind? Or is the situation more specific than that?

Obviously war and Atlas banners are a bigger deal than regular banners, but is it all banners or a subset?

If it’s not all, have you noticed a common element (team, attacker, all war, all atlas, etc.)?

I cannot fix the matter, but I do know PG is looking into it. you are not the only one to have brought it up.



Ok, I or any of my teammates see NO banners for defense of my base in wars, Atlas, or regular defense, it doesn’t buzz, vibrate or anything, no banners, nothing


Yea, it’s BS Blaze. Same thing happened to us last week with the same team, and now they declared again and is happening again. We don’t get banners (attack or defend) for their top three players. At least PG responded to me but basically said ‘sorry for your luck’. They have no intention of doing anything immediate about the blatant unfairness.


PG answered vaguely, not clearly…never…
PG couldn’t fix.
The only we can see is PG accidentally found the defect which they can not fix for a short moment.


Why is this so difficult


Still nothing? Wow…


Why is it so difficult to exit and enter your team? :roll_eyes: