Cannot defend, no banners


If it is affecting the entire team, perhaps one member could try the leave and come back trick just to see if it works?

I know this is not a fix, but it may be a solution. It would seem that waiting longer only increases the disadvantage your team is facing. I think it would at least be worth trying.


as far as i know airplane mode should be fixed since once it ceases all connection, the game will disconnect you mid battle or before you even start doing the attack. Tested this on my 2 accounts and it keeps on disconnecting me from battle once I disable my Wi-Fi (which is the same as doing the airplane mode)

Tested it also with airplane mode on and Wi-Fi on and banner still appears on my 2nd account.

Unless there is a new exploit going on.


It’s not AP mode.


I quit over it. My main was in D1, PG said ‘trust us’ multiple times with no obvious effort to do anything while my team loses wars because we can’t defend certain players and can only solo them. Im moving on. Good luck to the masochistic among you who chose to stay and support PG


Well leaving during an event is bad, I’ll loose all my points


:flushed: for reals??


Just watched this happen today … was sitting there watching defence invites and then bam my base was down … NO DEFENCE BANNER

Hard to win wars on Defence when you’re not getting the banners … AND they’re not taking steps to protect us from that …


Pretty sure it’s happened to us too plus I’ve seen a war banner up for a split second and either another regular defense or attack comes in and the green banner supersedes the war banner :thinking::roll_eyes: shouldn’t the red banner take precedence?? How many invites or defenses have been missed because it turned green so fast nobody saw it??


If I see any invite during a war I click it and leave it open until it expires just for this reason. Also the red “defend yourself” should be different for regular attacks. More than just icon. Maybe another color entirely?


I do the same but it’s pretty ridiculous


Wonderful we’ve confirmed we’re having the same issue… we get some war banners but not all attacks or defends plus we get the split second banner… support said they’ll forward it to… whoever :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Perhaps Defend Yourself should have different color for each kinds (normal / event / war)


or a symbol :hotsprings: :trophy: :mega: :loudspeaker: :shield:


The defend yourself for war ones do have that skull & laurel wreath symbol on the banner invite.


Yes it does, but unless you open the notification window you may not see it at all if some other notification comes first.

That’s why I always open the list if I’m at war or if I’m supposed to back someone. I think Morilin wants it to somehow prioritize announcements but I defer to her.

I do know that several of my team mates have jumped on a “regular” defend yourself simply because it’s red and missed a war defense. My advice is to slow down.



Yep, I agree this is good advice. I have nearly joined the wrong run before while waiting to give back up to someone else. Luckily I saw it was the wrong run before my finger hit the join button :joy:


I could be wrong, but I believe the current GUI programming does prioritize already, with war self-defense as the highest priority and a normal attack/defend (not self) with the lowest. Atlas is higher than normal, but lower than war.


Nope it turns green even if there’s a war run in there but hell right now I’d be happy to just be sure all banners were showing up AND for the proper length of time


We are in the midst of another war and seems that even despite “connection issues” opponents are still getting their flames.

I would be less suspicious if it didn’t take the fourth attempt at a base to suddenly have those “issues” and found that they got their fifth flame despite this. So maybe banners aren’t showing up all the time / or correct amount of time due to these “connection issues”.

:airplane: ? can’t be… they fixed that


man wish i knew there seems to be so much fishy stuff going on…people dropping hammers like theres no cooldown bases that should be easy cant be beaten but once theyre ahead enough on defenses even when they defend same bases now they arent a problem to beat??