Cannot defend, no banners


I may have an answer for this.

I’ve done some unintentional investigating due to the new Team quests.

  • I turned ON the setting ‘Vibrate When Invited To Defend’ - suddenly i wasn’t getting any banners (i didn’t realise this yet)
  • I got fed up of waiting for defend banners so decided to attack myself with an alt - No Banner
  • I realised that my phone was still vibrating from time to time as if i was recieving an invite. I thought it was weird so decided to turn the setting OFF (vibrate when invited to defend) - The banners returned

I hope this works for some other people on this thread - Please try it and let us know if it works for you.

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Yeah good on you PG … release an update while making us all defend to get points in the quests … so of course, we can’t defend anyone that hasn’t updated their game …

With all due respect, but perhaps you might want to put a bit more thought into that ?

Pst, these quests seem like the impossible task … lol.



Nice find.

“undocumented feature”


I dont have the vibrate feature on nor have i ever but glad that helps some people… btw yesterday in our war there was a wave of 12 attacks not a single banner for the entire team


The update is supposed to try and fix this issue.


Ok with a full base the update did NOT work


Still not seeing all war banners


Think it’s fixed


Hooray for good compression algorithms.


Its definitely NOT fixed lol


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