Cannot open app on IOS device

Hi,I was use android device since start play this game,today I buy new phone iphone6 and device have IOS.ok I download new war dragons app from itunes.
Then I try open app but cannot open because show text. “Please upgrade new 4.80 version,go app store for upgrade.” But app store show all app are updated.And when I download war dragons app they been 4.80 logo image.I try delete then again but nothing same.
In my old android device open without any problems.

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You cant switch platforms in this update as it’s a mismatch in versions, android has 4.81 , iOS 4.8
So go back to android as your account is locked to the 4.81 version now

It’s apparently a known issue caused by too many developers who are confused by simple numbers. Again.

There might be a fix in november somewhere if we’re lucky.

If only that was an option, but they’ve spend several versions ensuring the game is absolutely unplayable on Android first, you can basically pick up some lumber and that’s it.


That mean I have to use my old android device

Ok I wait till they fix

It works way better on android then iOS for me, but as the account is locked to the android update, if you want to play

I don’t consider 1-fps flying and atlas crashes every 60 seconds “playing”, so basically I’m banned until the PG devs learn to count.

same here, i don’t know what to do

I’m having the same problem plus when I sent in a ticket they replied back with the wrong name.

I had sent several emails tickets whatever you name it, no answer nothing at all, and apparently I am not the only one!!

Accounts banned, IOS uses are not able to login, I just wonder if the banned were actually legit or if was a complete fail on the system security (cyber attack)
PG please do something!!!


omg word for word whats happening to me. and my android is oldddd so im limited to talking in team chat and a few other remedial tasks. ive reinstalled on my ipad numerous times , it locks up at login window saying i need to update. shouldnt the reinstall BE the updated version? and all i keep getting are automated answers that dont pertain to my issue. omg what do you gotta do to reach a LIVE HUMAN?@PGJared @PGCrisis can someone, anyone, please address this?

If you are playing cross platform, android to iOS, you will get this error as the android version is higher.

i only reopened the game on my android as a result of this issue on iPad. i do not normally play across platforms, i bought my iPad specifically to play war dragons and never had a reason to go back to playing on my android as it is a galaxy s5 and can barely open the game much less play it.

Dunno then :man_shrugging:

Tem um outro thread onde pgjared explica que houve um baneio massivo por engano. Tem ticket? Tomara volte pro time rapidim!
There is another thread where pgjared explains the massive banning. Do you have a ticket?
I hope you come back to the team quickly :slight_smile:

Please read

I feel yall’s pain. I’ve been stuck in the same situation for several days now and the 1 and only response I got from support was that they are looking into it and will close my ticket if they don’t hear from me within 4 days. As far as bans are concerned, that’s bs. I didn’t change anything and was told by support it was the two different version android vs. ios. Only thing is, while you delete and try to reinstall, it makes no difference, you continue to get the same message.

If you have opened the game on android in this update then you must play the game on android, cant go back to iOS as that version is a lower number

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