Cannot open chests: insufficient currency error

Plenty of chests to open but it keeps giving me an insufficient currency error. Submitted a ticket over 10 hours ago and just recently submitted another. This is holding me back from advancing in the event. Have over 40 chests to open now and 7 of them are gold. It won’t even let me spend gems on chests. Tried reinstalling app, restarting my phone, re logging my account, nothing works. Even made a purchase to see if it would reset the stupid bug. Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions?

I too am experiencing the exact same problem with the same error message. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and cleared cache and restarted phone app and still no enchilada. This needs to be fixed because I cannot access any chests at all.

Same here. Ticket in roughly 3 hours ago with nothing but The auto response

Talk about not high on their priority. You would think with as much money as I pay them they would respond a lot quicker with a resolution. I can’t open any chests at all.

I have the same issue i only have 10 but i get the same issue as you and i already send a tiket but and sebd me this

and is the same exact error you get

I also am having the same issue. I bought a $100 pack and a $20 pack

Need this issue resolved or my money back please

Why you paid any money after this 4.0 debacle I don’t know…but good luck hope you get your money back.

Pg is going too loose a lot or money :moneybag: if they don’t fix soon

I have the exact same message. I purchased one of the Architects packs. I opened boxes like normal now i have this message and 12 gold boxes waiting to be opened. Can someone please help me fix this its so terribly annoying. I cant open any Gold chest. I spend alot of money on this game so i dont understand why this is happening!

I’m having the same problem. Submitting a help ticket has not helped anything. They told me to reboot the game and all would be good. Maybe they should stop updating the game since clearly they cannot do without problems

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