Can't access the current event

I can’t seem to access the current event today all I get is an error message.

Can barely access anything. Its giving me a network error.

Well done PG.

Everything is not working and profile says im level 0 with 0 medals

What’s a War Dragons event without a server crash or two?


Me too. Can’t do anything :neutral_face: :t_rex:

Mine says I’m not connected to the internet, even though the game loads! e.g. our servers are screwed!

I wonder if this has anything to do with the error they found in the new screen that they were going to load but then decided not to after they found the error.

This is a good time to remind everyone to be careful when Summer Season starts, just in case there’s a repeat of the server issues that struck a decent portion of players at the start of Springveil. It’s a good idea to wait a few hours to open your chests.

They are looking into it

Quote Arelyna, not me :see_no_evil:

Hey All! We’re currently investigating what is going on with this right now! As soon as we have an update, we will let everyone know.

Please continue the discussion over in this thread: Error: There is a problem connecting to the server

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