Can't build towers

Every other aspect of the game works. I can move towers, defended teamates, attack, and chat. When I try and build a new tower I get the attached message and the game reloads. The tower I start is gone when i get back in game.

I have a ticket open but no fixes have worked. I have restarted phone, cleared data and cache, reinstalled the game, but none have worked. Any thoughts? This sucks on the start of a fort event

are you busy with another tower as well? Aka elite and this is the second one you are trying to build?

Yes, I have a high level storm tower that has 20 hours left. My elite account is still active for 3 days ( I get paid tomorrow to renew lol)

I’d try this again after you’re able to renew your elite. What should be happening is that you’d get a popup about elite expiring and to upgrade. Good luck :slight_smile:

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You can’t build if it won’t finish before your elite account expires

It’s a brand new red mage. 15 min to finish. I posted a pic of the error message. But here it is again.

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I had this happen once and an uninstall, reboot and reinstall fixed the issue. Be sure you have a pocketID first (I assume you have one since you are posting on the forum).

Do u have other other mages in storage? I had this issue when I was trying to build my rage drain island, I couldn’t build new mages even though the old ones were in storage. I contacted support and they said they are working on it…

Also, do you have a dragon rider on a perch with reduced construction time? I wonder if the reduced construction time sync issue is still around.

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I saw the pic but didn’t see anything about new mage or 15 minutes to complete. Sorry mate

you can only build 5 mage towers both blue and red so a total of 10.

Building the 11th mage tower will result in a sync error even if you store the 5th one that you have.

This might also be the same with the other towers. If you have 15 archer towers, the 16th archer tower will result in a sync error.

Then that is the issue. I have my high level one in storage so it won’t let me make new ones. Thanks Guys!


While it’s true that you shouldn’t be allowed to build more than the cap, the better behavior here is for it to display a warning message and not throw a sync error at you. We’ve reported it to be fixed in a future update (62510).

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Are you saying the cap is you can only have 5 mage towers total or 5 mage towers out? I had 3 out and 2 in storage.

well, it does show that you can only build 5 blue and 5 red mage tower. Although it is also showing 3/5 and when you store it, it becomes 2/5.

They might fix that in the near future.

I just got an update from support saying if one is in storage you can build another. The max is 5 on the base not total numbers.

@PGEggToken it’s showing me that error when I only have 3 red mage towers out

How many in storage? 2?

Yes 2 in storage 3 on separate islands

Thanks for that info! Technically, this is expected–you should only be able to have a total of 5 in all places. However, there’s something weird showing up on our end about the two stored towers in your game. I’ve added this to the issue ticket so the team can use it in their investigation.