Can't enter the game this morning

I just tried to enter the game this morning, I receive the message : We are releasing a new version, please come back later.
I was in game last night, I have the last version of the application, I wonder if it’s only me or …

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Oh well, now it is working. I could enter the game. Strange :thinking:

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Had the same thing this morning, just hard closed game and opened once more with no problem.
I just ignored it, I don’t even pay attention to such things anymore, there are too many strange errors happening all the time.

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That’s probably from minimizing the game. I experience that every time I minimize the game on my Android device. It’s auto resolve when I just fully close it and doing a fresh opening.

You miss worded your thread title … PG will skip right over this.

However, if you state “I can’t get the store to load so I can buy several $100 packs” then PG will resolve the issue before you finish typing the message.


Thanks for the heads-up, all. The team has been looking into this.

A temporary workaround to avoiding this is fully closing the game and opening it. the issue looks to be intermittent and happens only if you open the game when it was minimized.


I get this probably 90% of the time that I close the game and then later reopen it. The game tries to start up in that stupid offline mode, fails and then gives me that. I always have to fully close out the app, even if say the last time I was playing was hours ago. The other 10% of the time I’ll successfully load up without the extra step

Why was the offline mode thing ever added? We never used to have that until a few years ago

One handy thing I have found though is that if you go to the support menu and then close the game, you can open it back up later still at the support menu and you dont get this or have to wait for the game to load again.