Cant fly in the event

I have been with my team for three seasons now but its not letting me fly in the event. There are others that have not scored and points in the event yet on my team. Please help

It sounds like another player was swapped out resulting in more than 50 being eligible and you got the short end of the stick. BTW it isn’t just event points that locks in the first 50, it is also any activity on team quests too. If someone has an attack x number of bases quest and they attack 1 base that fits the criteria it then locks up that spot in the event regardless if they completed the quest and regardless of any points scored in event. This is why team changes should happen before the treasure hunt phase starts. Hope that makes sense to you. It’s a crazy system to wrap your head around.

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I’d call that a bug, or poor business logic… or just plain poor coding.

Regardless, it’s a damn poor choice of PG to have this state of affairs continue.

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The response from PG says it’s because 50 teammates have scored ‘points’ already, yet the event hadn’t started.
Quest are not points, unless all 50 had claimed a completed quest.

Perhaps this is there it can be adjusted??! Move to count completed quests, or actual event points only.

I am not saying I agree with how it is handled. I am just giving the information on how the game actually handles it. I agree with limiting the teammate contributions to the team ranking and team quest chest to 50 so no one team gets an unfair advantage over other teams. However I also agree that if someone doesn’t collect any team quest points it shouldn’t lock up a spot just because someone who left did 1 action but never completed a quest. I am not a programmer so I have no idea how easy or hard it would be to change how it functions. With all the bugs and errors that are still in the game that affect the overall stability and functionality of the game I’d say this would be a pretty low priority item to fix since you can work around it by only swapping out team members outside of events.

If changes occurred during the hunt phase of the event you are out of luck. Do not swap out accounts after the event starts. This includes chest hunting.

I would expect quests to count toward event participation. They are directly tied into events as they only occur during events.

I cannot participate in Fight Pits, while I am a stable member my team. Just because a member who quit WD left the team during chesthunt phase and a new member entering where quicker in running teamquests, I am shot out of the event randomly.

This cost me sigils, rubies and other prizes.
I cannot participate for personal points
I do not get prizes from the team rewards
I cannot perform any quests

Basically I am screwed by this new mechanic :woman_shrugging:
Since Fight pits is one of my favourite events I am hugely annoyed by this situation.

So far I only got the automatic responses from support. I asked for my ticket to be escalated to PGJared. My guess is he is busy.
In the mean time I am useless to my team and I am losing out on rewards.

It just isnt right that a random member get screwed out of playing in an event, while not being the member joining or leaving the team. Please fix this asap.

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