Cant get in Atlas


I have 2 accounts on separate devices. I have had a ticket in for several days for account #1. It started doing the “downloading files” thing and stopped with 1 file remaining and would never go farther. Helpdesk sent me the basic generic message, reboot, close apps, etc… does nothing.

Well I waited and had high hopes that the new update would fix it. Nope. It downloaded 21/22 new files. Now after reboot it stays at 0/1 file and does nothing more. The banner that has tips on it keeps changing so it’s not like it’s frozen, but it just never downloads.

I logged in to my 2nd account to find that it is now doing the exact same thing after this update. I’ve tried 2 separate WiFi locations as well as using cell data. I have plenty of storage on both devices (100gb+), no other apps running.

@PGJared I’m herding turtles through peanut butter over here, help :joy: between my primarch rocketing himself into a the foreign “Locked” region and being stuck there for 2 days, the data issue and now this I really don’t know what else to do other than bang my head on the wall. #doItForTheStrugglingTurtles


What’s the in-game name for the account with the issues? I’ll go check on the ticket and get the details.


Schnookums420 is the 1st account that’s just locked out and Nooks420 is the one that is locked out and has the runaway primarch. Denise has been helping on that account and said she was going to send that one over to you guys bc it was so weird :joy:


Okay, I read through the ticket. I’m going to work with an engineer to check on a couple of things for this.


Any idea what’s going on? Sounds similar to my case with the loading issues. My mini has been locked out of Atlas since the 3.71 update. This account/device is working just fine


I also can’t load atlas now. This is the case for several of my team members. It seems that everyone who has an Apple device that has iOS 10.3.3 is locked out of Atlas. If this is the case a significant proportion of players will be unable to play - or will only be able to play with a serious disability.

PG are you planning to rectify this? If not it will have a severs impact on established teams.


…* a severe or serious impact*


I have 10.3.3 on this account and it works fine so that’s not it


I too am locked out of beta. When I try and load it crashes the game.


I just looked in on 10.3.3 In the morning I can update my IOS, I was waiting since so many people were having issues with WD after they updated iOS. I’ll postback if it fixes my beta issue in the morning. Thanks.


Mine just hangs on the loading screen - sometimes I see 26 of 26 files loaded, sometimes not. All the loading screen messages scroll through but I never get into beta. Have to crash the game to get back to the other part of the game.


I was able to acces Atlas for about 5 mins. But now game is crashing since a few hours when I try to open it.


Every time I click on Atlas, it will not load then the game crashes will app close :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


I’m stuck in tutorial mode, won’t let me go any further :pensive:

Still can’t get past tutorial, won’t let me go any further and no response from in-game support @PGDave, @PGJared, @pgEcho

Where is Atlas?

I am able to open beta on my iphone, and to open my mini acct’s beta on my iPad with no trouble, but it is taking forever to load in-beta screens, and keeps getting stuck on simple commands. Example: trying to post a message to accompany a target-message to my team leads to the spinning wheel of death every time, until I just have to exit and reload the app. (The summons posts to the team via mailbox, but without my typed message. It just says “Rimbaudtox requests your help at …” with no further instructions.)


After Atlas downloaded it keeps crashing and I’m unable still to get in atlas? :sweat:


I’ve never been able to get into Atlas. 6hrs ± of wasted time today. Running iPhone with latest update. Wtf. So pissed_emphasized text_


@MythicBev what is the experience you are getting? The button doesn’t show up, or you crash? If you crash, at what point do you crash?


I played beta daily since March. After update I can’t get in. I sent a ticket with absolutely NO reply. In game support is also ignoring me. Why can’t I open Atlas?


I have not been able to access Atlas since it became available last night. It just sits on the loading screen and nothing ever happens. I have to force close the app and restart.
I opened a support request and it was closed with the note that this is a know issue.
Could PG provide an update? I can’t seem to find any communication or update on this issue.