Can't join attack or defence


It’s been 5 months I’m reporting about my problem i can’t join any attack nobody can join my i got kicked from many teams just icant get backup they lose war because of me whenever i send ticket they said it will take time can anyone explain me please how long it will take because it’s happening to me from 5 months @PGJared


Maybe it’s your device?


I have changed my device 4 time Huawei p9 galaxy s8 s7 and note 5


Is there an error message that comes up when people try to join yours or you try to join theirs? What happens specifically?



It’s showing that I’m in but it kick me out


Whenever i try to join attack or defend team mates it’s say battle invitation rejected


What connection are you playing on


We both are playing same connection he tried different connections


@Arelyna @PGJared @PGDave @pgCampusLifer


Full ignorance by pg team nobody giving me response wtf is this should I spend money then they will listen? Or should I leave the game @PGJared ?


They are in San Francisco. Posting on a Sunday evening late and expecting a reply before Monday morning business hours is unlikely


This is being investigated by our team.


I got kicked once again


Don’t you think it’s very late can you please explain how long it will take still not fixed @PGJared


I don’t have an estimate of that. Our team is still working on this for you, but at the moment there are some large-scale problems that are taking precedence.


omg…I am having the EXACT same issue. I have an acct on my iPad and I cannot join attacks and no one can join me. I can’t even defend myself. And what’s worse is when I do try and join a teammates attack it looks like I have joined then I “leave the battle”. It is indeed VERY frustrating. No resolve to date. Luckily my team is cool and hasn’t kicked me. Lemme know if it starts working for u.


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