Can't level up free rider gear

I got a set of rider gear from the free atlas rewards, and I can’t level up any of it from lvl 1. I can level up gear that I forge fine. Is the set of armor I got for free permanently stuck at lvl 1? Does anyone else have this problem? And is there a solution for it?

I can’t either, so most likely not.

It looks like a very introductory set to get people in tune with equipment, what it is, and is a teaching mechanism.

However part of the teaching could/should be the leveling up process as well :+1:


It is a bit like a false promise. Here is a start on a set of gear. Nope. You can’t upgrade this. You have to spend rss to get the real thing.


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If it doesn’t work like the real thing, don’t give it out like it is the real thing.

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Agreed… and the fact that it’s Common makes it arguably not worth equipping either.

Adding Quests specific to events would be nice to see to fully understand every aspect that Atlas has to offer. For gear crafting event, perhaps something like use x amount of scrolls to craft gear, equip gear, level it up, etc.

I am new to atlas. And I stupidly equipped it.

At least it’s cheap to unequip (50 rubies)- or you can always salvage it after that to get some usage and durability out of it.

Edit: Whoops my bad, can’t salvage common gear and get anything back for it.

But if you’re new to Atlas, until you obtain some better gear through the event and have the chance to level it up, having Level 1 Common gear is better than no gear, even if the boosts wouldn’t be very noticeable.

Nothing wrong with equipping and using it really right? You can remove it and replace it with better stuff

We will fix salvaging of these gear pieces this week.

The quests gear has only 1 level, and already has the stats of a full set of common gear at level 5. This is way better than the common set from crafting as they have to be level up 5 times each.

Atlas quests awards you with enough crafting materials to craft other items which you can level up.


The gear reward seems crappy because you can’t level it, but it really is not… it’s level 5 common gear, which is just as powerful as level 3 rare, so it’s like a half step down from the season rider gear.

Considering what crafting costs, and how easy it was to get, and the fact that you can choose your element, I think the most appropriate response would be thank you… I’ll do it for you: Thank you!

It is better than no gear. You are right.

Yep. Adds decent attack power til you craft something better. I put a fire set on maxed Tor… took my lvl 28 Drakius from 7 mill to 10.1 mill… made him useful again… ish.

Wow that stats jump is pretty substantial…

I guess it will be more evident at higher lvls.

If you already have the obsidian stone for a dragon, you’re better off adding a rider w gear than getting another dragon… lets you hit bigger bases

Trying to get through garnet on avyx and leos. Leos has the garnet stone, and almost to sapphire on avyx.

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