Can't load Atlas after the last client update

Yes, me too

@DragonPunch Any update on this? People would probably appreciate hearing before the weekend. Atlas downtime is always a big deal due to pvp and timers, but especially at the end of a season.

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The game is plain broken.

Time outs, roll backs, can’t claim prizes, prims won’t move, troops won’t train, and its Friday afternoon.

PG is no where to be seen. End of the season is rolling around and there might be some pathetic apology gift of 20 chests on Monday.

Just another week of Woe Dragons, and nobody can figure out why participating player counts keeps getting smaller and smaller.


Then the all time favorite, stuck at 99 percent

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So the plan is to leave atlas broken all weekend? I guess it just isn’t broken enough to matter.

Trying to attack an invader in Atlas.

Good luck trying to craft.

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Sorry I don’t have much of an update folks. The team is still looking into this issue. They’ll resume on Monday as we’re at the EOD.

What we’ve seen so far from our end is that it’s mostly Android players that experience this issue on usually on either older devices or on an older OS version (we’re seeing a lot of players on pre-Android 10 sending tickets to Support). I recommend updating your OS since our game is optimized for the most up-to-date OS versions (which is usually required by both the Play and App stores). If anyone is experiencing this on Android 10 (API Level 29) or on iOS 13.3.1, please let me know.

Sorry again we couldn’t get this sorted out before the weekend. We’ll be assessing the impact of this issue on Monday and after we’ve concluded our investigation.


I’m not buying a new tablet just for this game when I just renewed my WoW subscription after 2 years. My PC runs that game just fine.

Clash of Clans runs just fine too. Maybe it really is time to move on.
Y’all have a good weekend. I can’t even do my “job” as an officer.

@DragonPunch Uhm… Android 29 doesn’t exist, most recent version is Android 10 which was recently made available for the majority of but not all devices yet last month, android 9 is like a year old… maybe 1.5 years old, did anyone bother to fact check issues? Or is someone assuming 9 is an old OS?

FYI I am a SDET that runs a QA/QC department and deals with hundreds of mobile devices for our testing on a regular basis.


Just corrected my post. I meant Android 10. Sorry about that…


I am having this on my ipad. Its a 13.3
I crash and spin cant swap stuck in offline struggling to defend teammates in war.

Dunno if it old OS problem. Mine is Oreo, yet I can load Atlas relatively well.

I have a P10 Lite with Android 8.0.0 and EMUI 8.0.0
Does this mean that I will no longer be able to play Atlas?


I always do my 100% best to make sure it isn’t on my end before ramping up my complaints.

Today I reviewed my entire network from the bottom up. I noticed my Debian server was not fetching package lists for upgrades. This appeared to be an IPv6 issue on Spectrum. I disabled IPv6 on the server and it worked.

I checked my router, and it was accepting IPv6 address from Spectrum but no DNS resolution so I disabled IPv6 completely and rebooted. I rebooted the tablet to flush any DHCP leases.

Atlas is now running as well as it ever has. You might want to pass this along to the engineer assigned to the ticket. Maybe there is something wonky about Android 9 not handling dual stack IP v4/v6 correctly. At any rate, I’m back in business and apologize for being grumpy. This is something I should have discovered on my own. IE, never trust Spectrum. :slight_smile:

Edit: Still stable so far.

Atlas is working great except cannot train troops says I lack resources yet there sits my gold :woman_shrugging:t4::thinking:


I still haven’t Atlas (4 days). I would like to resolve. Can u explain to me pls?

Would you be able to explain this process? I have Spectrum as well and been having the issue for months now without finding the problem. I would love to pass it along to others effected that I know! I don’t know if they all have Spectrum or some version of it (since they seem to be everywhere now) but it would help in case they do. I’m in the same boat of I’m not buying a new device just to play War Dragons since the phone I have I got not even a year ago. Seems a bit silly for me to replace my phone which works fine just to play a mobile game when all other apps and games run smoothly and fine

Not sure without knowing much about your router. Mine has an ability to disable all IPv6 which I selected, then rebooted the router, the tablet, and anything else including my linux server that looks like it was using IPv6 and getting black holed by Spectrum.

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I won’t annoying but any update man? 5 days without atlas. Actually all started with the new season, everything was fine before it. I believe it appeared in conjunction with the update that added the Ammo effect to the Invokers. Thank

Hey mate, i just have to do this and restart the router ? Thank

OR this into router web page?